Carrie Underwood was starstruck meeting Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Carrie Underwood - Talking Dead, AMC
Carrie Underwood - Talking Dead, AMC /

Carrie Underwood is a massive fan of The Walking Dead, and a compliment from Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan on the red carpet left her tongue-tied.

The Walking Dead is watched by millions of people all around the world each week, with major celebrities also professing their love for the hit AMC zombie survival drama series on a regular basis.

Many celebrities have already appeared on the post-show discussion program Talking Dead to share their fandom, and one of those individuals to do so was country music superstar Carrie Underwood.

Recently, Underwood made an appearance on Today to discuss her music career, but the conversation turned to her brief encounter at the Golden Globes with The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the villainous Negan.

"“He was so nice,” Underwood said. “We’re all dressed up at the Golden Globes. Everybody is doing their thing. He was like, ‘You look beautiful.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you so much. You look like Negan.’ That’s all that could come out of my mouth.”"

The country music singer also revealed that she would love to have a role on the hit AMC zombie survival drama, but would struggle to find a spot they could use her unless they are looking for a singing member of the undead army.

Here is more of the interview of Carrie Underwood as shared on the official Today YouTube account:

Included in the video is discussions of her fashion line, a skydiving adventure, and award-winning music career as well as upcoming nominations for awards and what is next for Carrie Underwood.

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Maybe fans of The Walking Dead haven’t seen the last of Carrie Underwood. Even if she doesn’t become a walker on the show, there is always a chance she could return to Talking Dead to keep sharing her love of the hit AMC zombie survival drama series.