A group of survivors is revealed in new photo for The Walking Dead season 7B

The Walking Dead, AMC via Entertainment WeeklyAndrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
The Walking Dead, AMC via Entertainment WeeklyAndrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes /

A new photo for The Walking Dead Season 7B reveals a new group of survivors. Can Rick Grimes convince them to join the fight against the Negan and the Saviors?

The second half of The Walking Dead season 7 is getting closer. A new photo released today shows that Rick and the survivors may have a new community’s help in the war that is coming.

The photo shows Rick talking to a small group of survivors that haven’t seen before. Is this new group connected to the person that was following Rick and Aaron in the midseason finale, “Hearts Still Beating”?

In the photo Rick is talking to the new survivors in what looks like a salvage yard or junkyard. That means they could have weapons or materials that Rick and the others could use as weapons in the fight against Negan. But Rick’s speeches may not be enough to convince a new group to sign on for the fight.

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Negan and the Saviors are a powerful force that has dominated every community in the region. Rick and the survivors at Alexandria are ready to fight. Maggie and Sasha are ready to lead a force from Hilltop into battle. But the other communities may not want to risk Negan’s wrath if Rick’s assault fails.

When asked about the new group showrunner Scott Gimple said,” I’m just going to say that Rick is going to meet this person and/or persons pretty quickly,  the answers are just around the heap. I cannot wait for people to meet this character and to see this actor. There is some formidable fun coming up.” 

Is The New Group a Threat?

In the world of The Walking Dead, it’s never a good idea to make assumptions. The fact that Rick is talking to people from the new group implies that at the very least they are open to hearing what he has to say. But they are armed, and clearly don’t trust him.

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It’s already been hinted at that the group will be deceived at some point in season 7B and that could hurt their efforts to keep their plans secret. It’s possible that the new group is allied with the Saviors and won’t want to join Rick’s fight. They could end up putting Rick and the Alexandria survivors in a worse position than they are already in. Hopefully Rick won’t give away too much information about this plans for all out war.

The Walking Dead season 7 picks up again on Sunday, February 12th on AMC.