The Walking Dead’s epidemic of Maxi Dress Walkers

Season 6. The Walking Dead. AMC
Season 6. The Walking Dead. AMC /

There are loads of fan theories about The Walking Dead. The latest theory might be one of the more unusual ones, and it seems to be true.

It has been a heavy news week in The Walking Dead universe amid news of showrunners toning down violence after the season premiere. So let’s take a look at something a bit more lighthearted, shall we?

Have you ever paid attention to what the Walkers wear on The Walking Dead? There’s currently a theory floating around that pants must have been in short supply prior to the zombie apocalypse, because a disproportionately large number of female Walkers are wearing maxi dresses.

It’s not something I ever paid attention to, but now that I’ve seen it it’s one of those things that hard to unsee.

It does seem that female Walkers tend to be dressed in dresses. You can just imagine women out and about when they were attacked by Walkers early on in the apocalypse. After the outbreak, you might imagine that dressing in jeans would be a more fitting fashion choice in the apocalypse, which is why the number of dress-wearing Walkers stands out.

Over the course of its seven seasons, The Walking Dead has depicted Walkers in situations that show us where they were when they died: Hunting in trees, hiding in locked rooms, stuck in cars. The Maxi Dress Walkers are a lot more interesting to think about, given how many there are. Was there an outbreak in the middle of a TJ Maxx dressing room? Were they modeling at a fashion show when they became Walkers? Or perhaps the maxi dresses are some inside joke on the part of the show’s costume department, in which they like ripping the dresses up to look appropriately tattered and torn.

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Now that I’m watching to see how many Maxi Dress Walkers show up in Season 7B, I’m eager for the cast of Fear the Walking Dead to return to Los Angeles. Imagine all of the Walkers sporting couture roaming through what’s left of Beverly Hills!

The Walking Dead returns February 12th.