Does this Walking Dead character’s surprise moment mean something more?

Promo photo. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Promo photo. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Possible spoilers ahead- If you would prefer to not know anything about what’s coming in The Walking Dead Season 7B be warned this post discusses events that may happen after The Walking Dead returns on February 12th

In a visit to The Walking Dead set Entertainment Weekly reported that Tara has a pivotal moment in the second last episode of the season. Tara gives an intense speech to rally the survivors who are getting ready to kick off all out war against Negan and the Saviors.

It’s a surprise that Tara is the one giving the inspirational speech. Other than the bottle episode “Swear” earlier this season Tara hasn’t had a major storyline in the show in several seasons.

The writers and producers of the show are always quick to point out that being the focus of an episode doesn’t mean that character is marked for death. But does Tara’s big moment combined  mean that Tara won’t survive the war?

According to the on-set report the main cast characters were on set to provide emotional support during Tara’s speech.That might mean nothing. The actors on the show are extremely close and very supportive of each other. But it could mean that the speech is Tara’s swan song.

The Death Speech

Several characters in the past have been featured in emotional moments before they died. Like Hershel’s emotional speech in “Internment” was his last standout moment before his death.

Andrea, Dale and Merle also had intense moments of character revelation and then were killed. Sometimes the moment occurs just before they die and sometimes they die an episode later. So Tara may die in the Season 7 finale.

Of all the main characters that are have survived this far Tara and Sasha are the most likely to die Season 7B. This new piece of the puzzle lends more weight to the theory that Tara won’t survive the onslaught against Negan.

Lots of Questions, Few Answers

Heading into Season 7B there are a lot of questions about how the survivors are going to attack Negan and the Saviors and if they can win.

Scott Gimple indicated that the survivors group would have to deal with a lot of hardships as they plan for war. They will struggle to find materials and build weapons. And they will face deceit and treachery from one of their own.

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Is that betrayal going to lead to the deaths of some of the survivors? Where is Rick? Why is Tara giving an inspirational speech? Does she ever reveal the existence of Oceanside to Rick and the others?

As The Walking Dead Season 7B draws closer the questions and speculation about what is going to happen are ramping up. One thing that’s certain is that going to war isn’t going to be easy for anyone. Most likely one or more of the survivors will die. If the survivors do win all out war it’s going to be a hard won victory.