The Walking Dead: Negan is in for some big surprises in 7B

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Negan has a few big surprises coming his way when The Walking Dead returns in February. Does Negan strike you as a guy who likes surprises?

One of the many upsides of the bottle episodes in The Walking Dead’s Season 7A is that we got to learn a lot about things going on in different corners of The Walking Dead universe. Every time we saw Negan, we knew things he didn’t know about. So what happens when he finds those things out for himself?

Maggie is Alive

When Negan arrived in Alexandria ahead of schedule, he arrived to find three freshly dug graves in the garden. Father Gabriel asked if Negan was there to pay his respects, which was a brilliant move to distract Negan and deflect his attention from other areas.

We can assume Negan suspects that Rick knows about the Hilltop, but let’s work on the assumption that he doesn’t know. If Maggie is thought to be dead, then she now has the ability to recover at the Hilltop without a threat from Negan. Now, we know that Simon is a threat to the hilltop, but even he doesn’t know that Maggie and Sasha are there.

Having Maggie and Sasha secretly hidden at the Hilltop creates a tactical advantage that will be very beneficial for the battle ahead. Negan won’t suspect that the Hilltoppers will band together with the Alexandrians, which gives them more numbers and more supplies.


So far Tara has kept her word about not revealing anything about Oceanside. However, if we can assume that she eventually does share her knowledge with the group, then having can enormous cache of weapons and more able bodies will be an even bigger advantage in the upcoming battle.

Negan and his satellite leaders like knowing what their tributaries have in their possessions. They know about weapons and food supplies, and they have a sense of how many people live there. So having an entire community of people who fled Negan’s Saviors show up with their arsenal poses a huge advantage for Team Rick.

An Extra Body But One Prisoner Short

The biggest surprise for Negan will come when he returns from Alexandria to find that Daryl has escaped and Fat Joey is dead.

Negan doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who will let this go. He runs a tight ship, as we know from Carl’s visit to the Sanctuary. Allowing such a high profile prisoner to escape is going to lead to some pretty extreme punishments. The question will be who will be punished for the escape.

Fat Joey’s death will register lower on Negan’s priority list, but he will be upset because these two things happened while he wasn’t there, and that’s a huge deal because it means that he can’t trust his own people. Ferreting out the mole is going to lead to a hit on the Sanctuary population and this will weaken Negan ahead of the big battle.

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Negan has some surprises coming his way. There’s no question he’s not going to like these surprises, so Rick must use the element of surprise to his advantage while working to build his own resources.

The Walking Dead returns on February 12th.