The Walking Dead: Saviors join in Fighting for Autism

Fighting for Autism
Fighting for Autism /

The Saviors fight for Negan on The Walking Dead, but in the real world the Savior actors are joining a different fight: Fighting for Autism.

According to Fighting for Autism’s website, “Autism is a developmental disability that causes significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. Autism includes several conditions: Autistic Disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder and Asperger Syndrome. 1 in 50 children live with Autism, and 1 in 68 people live with Autism.”

"Fighting for Autism is a non-profit organisation that proudly works with children, families and communities to bring Autism Awareness and inclusion among different cultures, to help with self-esteem and anti-bullying programs for children and adults living on the autism spectrum."

Savior and Professional Wrestler Josh TKO Turner and Savior Martinez have become ambassadors for Fighting for Autism: Voices for the Voiceless.

Last weekend the Savior gang gathered in Tennessee for an Evolution Championship Wrestling Event with Josh TKO Turner to raise money for the non-profit organization, Fighting for Autism, as well as create awareness about the condition.

Check out the video courtesy of News Channel 11/wjhl:

Josh made two special friends that evening, Buddy and Kaileigh. Kaileigh is the 2017 Tri-cities Sweetheart and the title fits her. If you read Josh’s Facebook page, or read his Tweets, you get the sense that he feels very blessed to be a part of Fighting for Autism, and that his heart has been stolen by these two new friends. I have a feeling Josh will be making many more new friends on his new journey with Fighting for Autism.

Josh, Kaileigh and Roe

Josh and Kaileigh

Josh and Buddy

Josh and Kaileigh

In addition to new friends, Josh and Martinez had some old friends along from the Savior Gang! Savior Billy Holt and Red Beanie Savior Roe Digi! It looks like they had a marvelous time from all the pictures and Tweets. Josh also had his daughter Kaylie Turner, who starred in Term Life, along with him–right in the ring!

Follow these great The Walking Dead Savior actors on Twitter and Facebook. Follow the hashtags #saviorgang, #tko and #fightforautism to find out about future events. Of course, Undead Walking’s social media will always make you aware of everything related to TWDFamily as well. You might consider make a donation directly on the Fighting For Autism website.

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Season 7 continues on Sunday, February 12th. Many of the Savior actors will  be joining us on our Twitter for a Q & A session on February 19th. We appreciate the cast for everything they do on-screen and off.