The Walking Dead EP Tom Luse talks Season 7 set design

Dwight and the Saviors. The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer. AMC.
Dwight and the Saviors. The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer. AMC. /

In a new interview, The Walking Dead Executive Producer Tom Luse talks about the growing world of The Walking Dead.

Tom Luse, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead, shares some fascinating details about the newest communities in the world of The Walking Dead.

Luse says that the first half of Season 7 has been about introducing new characters and the worlds they live in. From Negan’s Sanctuary to King Ezekiel’s Kingdom, along with a trip to the hidden town of Oceanside, it has been fun exploring the new environments. In the case of the Sanctuary, the set was built from the ground up. “We built the entire exterior, an interior world and we put elements in the factory that reflect the way the Saviors live.”

He characterizes the relationship between Negan and his Saviors as a king with his serfs. The workers go out and do their jobs and pay their tributes while the leader offers order and protection. To that end, the Sanctuary set has been created to resemble that symbiotic relationship. “The workers live on the factory floor and have their own system of currency based on points and then Negan and his group of elites basically live off their labor and see themselves as warrior kings.”

King Ezekiel’s Kingdom, ironically, is less kingdom and more community. “This world is much more egalitarian. People work together, they grow their own food and everybody is involved in protecting the Kingdom.”

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It’s amazing how much a setting can factor into a show. When done well, the setting becomes its own character. The Sanctuary is cold and oppressive while the Kingdom is open and welcoming. Set designers have done a fantastic job bringing the world of The Walking Dead from the pages of a comic book to the small screen, and there’s no question that the stage is set for a thrilling second half of the season.

The Walking Dead returns February 12, 2017.