Is Morgan a liability on The Walking Dead because he doesn’t want to kill?

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead --
Lennie James as Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead -- /

Morgan’s belief that all life is precious may be a liability for Rick and the survivors as they head to war against Negan and the Saviors on The Walking Dead.

When Morgan Jones returned to The Walking Dead there much rejoicing. The last time Morgan was seen in season 3’s “Clear” episode he was not doing too well. It was great to see him in a better place mentally when he and Rick were reunited.

But since he’s been back with Rick Morgan has been kind of a problem. His hesitancy to kill indirectly led to The Wolves attack on Alexandria. And his refusal to kill the Wolf in Alexandria led to Denise getting held captive and almost killed. It also caused a huge rift with Carol.

Now Morgan’s philosophy that all life is precious may be a liability that could turn the tide of the upcoming war. Morgan did kill to protect Carol from The Saviors. But will he kill to protect all the communities and join the war?

It doesn’t look like he will. He is still stubbornly clinging to his philosophy even though Richard has been trying to convince him that The Kingdom needs to make a pre-emptive strike against the Saviors. When Rick comes to ask for Ezekiel’s promise to join the war will Morgan support Rick? Or will he counsel Ezekiel to stay out of the war?

Loyalty and Betrayal

Morgan seems loyal to Rick, and to Ezekiel at Kingdom. But will he be the one who betrays Rick in season 7b? He could be the one that turns on Rick and causes more problems for the survivors. His self-indulgent attachment to the idea that all life is precious means that Rick may not be able to count on him in a fight. Ezekiel may not be able to count on him either.

Morgan doesn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak. Right now Kingdom has achieved an uneasy peace with the Saviors. Richard wants to convince Ezekiel to fight the Saviors so he will support Rick’s plan to attack. Carol says that she just wants to be left alone. That leaves Morgan as the only other advisor that King Ezekiel trusts.

If Morgan tells Ezekiel not to fight he will be betraying Rick and all the other survivors just to preserve his own conscience. That’s an incredibly selfish and self-indulgent thing to do under the circumstances. Because Morgan has never really had to be responsible for anyone else he has the luxury of clinging to a mode of thinking that may not be possible in the new world.

No One’s Hands Are Clean

Morgan didn’t sabotage Rick’s plan to slaughter the Saviors at the outpost. But he didn’t support it. And he may not support the idea of going to war now. But is Morgan’s philosophy even realistic in The Walking Dead world? It seems impossible for anyone to live in that world without being willing to kill.

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Carol doesn’t share Morgan’s philosophy but she also is refusing to kill. But just like Morgan, Carol has never has the responsibility of keeping an entire community alive. If they were in a position where others were depending on them would they still think that it’s okay not to kill?

Death is always a heartbeat away in The Walking Dead world. No one gets to keep their hands clean and live. Anyone who lives is alive because they were willing to kill. Or because someone killed for them.

If Morgan sticks by his philosophy and decides to opt out of the war that’s his choice. But it’s a selfish one. And if he advises Ezekiel to stay out of the war ultimately it could destroy the Kingdom. Richard was right in saying that sooner or later the agreement with the Saviors will go bad.

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Morgan is a wild card going forward on The Walking Dead. Hopefully he will face the reality that killing in the new world is necessary. If not, his ideals could get Rick or the other survivors killed when they take on Negan and the Saviors.