Artwork released from The Walking Dead: March To War mobile game


Character designs of Rick, Rosita, Ezekiel, Dwight, and Jesus from the upcoming mobile game The Walking Dead: March To War were released by Disruptor Beam.

The Walking Dead: March To War is still on track for the 2017 release on mobile devices, and now some more details regarding the game and its appearance have been released by developer Disruptor Beam.

5 new character models and promotional art pieces have been made available. Those characters who were teased are Rick Grimes, Rosita Espinosa, King Ezekiel, Dwight, and Paul “Jesus” Monroe from the comic book series.

Here is a gallery with all of the designs. Click on them to get a larger image to look at the detail that went into creating each of these iconic The Walking Dead characters:

Rick Grimes- The Walking Dead: March To War - Skybound and Disruptor Beam
Rick Grimes- The Walking Dead: March To War - Skybound and Disruptor Beam /

Recently, Disruptor Beam spoke with art director Allen White about the look the game was going for with these characters. With several other games based on the franchise such as Road To Survival, No Man’s Land, Telltale’s Games, Dead Reckoning, and others, the approach for artwork for The Walking Dead: March To War is something entirely unique by working with artist Richard Anderson.

"“The illustrated nature of the comic also played heavily into our overall vision for the look of the game. There’s something imperfect and transitory in something sketched that really touches all of these notes. It’s the zombie apocalypse! You’d don’t have time to sit for an oil painted portrait, everything is fleeting, and done fast. These key ideas as well as the setting, the decay, the naturalism, all played a part in steering the final look which really differentiates us from the rest of the games out there.”"

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There is still no official release date for The Walking Dead: March To War, but fans can follow the game’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information. If the multiplayer mobile game can pull off the highly ambitious plans Disruptor Beam has for it, this will be a game fans will not want to miss!