Mets ace Noah Syndergaard taking Lucille to spring training

Lucille. The Walking Dead -- AMC
Lucille. The Walking Dead -- AMC /

We already know that The Walking Dead fans are cheering for the Atlanta Falcons, but spring training is around the corner and Negan might get a run for his money.

Watch out, Negan. There’s some competition coming your way this spring and he’s got quite an arm. As teams prepare to make the yearly trek to either Florida or Arizona for spring training, supply trucks are arriving daily with new gear. Noah Syndergaard’s special delivery of spring training bats included a replica of Lucille, Negan’s beloved barbed-wire bat. And he’s already calling out the Mets mascot, Mr. Met.

New York Mets’ ace pitcher Noah Syndergaard posted a picture on Twitter showing his newest bat for spring training, only this one might not be knocking fast balls out of the park. Syndergaard is widely known for looking like Marvel’s Thor, so it’s not uncommon to hear people talking about him swinging Thor’s hammer Mjolnir around. It’s his thing. Syndergaard has even dressed as Thor for a tour around New York.

Negan should be proud that it’s Syndergaard who might be swinging Lucille around. The 6’6 giant had a great year in 2016, representing the Mets in the All Star Game and starting in the National League Wildcard game. He was 14-9 on the year with an impressive 2.69 ERA on 30 starts. The Mets announced that he’ll be the team’s starting pitcher for Opening Day 2017.

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Negan’s arrival on The Walking Dead came in the middle of baseball season last year and the midseason finale hit during playoffs, so spring training is the first opportunity to really have some fun with Negan’s bat. And by fun I mean lighthearted joking. No heads will be smashed during Mets spring training, but you have to admit that Syndergaard chasing Mr. Met with a Lucille replica will be fun to see!