An Arat and Olivia photo op is happening at Terror Con

The Walking Dead via AMC; Ann Mahoney as Olivia, Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat
The Walking Dead via AMC; Ann Mahoney as Olivia, Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat /

New faces and fan favorites from The Walking Dead appearing at Terror Con in February including Abe himself Michael Cudlitz, Ann Mahoney and Elizabeth Ludlow.

Con season is kicking off and both familiar and new faces from The Walking Dead will be appearing at cons all over the world. Terror Con, which is February 25 and 26th in Rhode Island, has several cast members from The Walking Dead appearing this year.

If you missed your chance to say goodbye to Abe before Negan introduced him to Lucille you can meet Michael Cudlitz at Terror Con this year. One of the most popular new members of the cast, Khary Payton, will also be there. Khary Payton plays King Ezekiel from the Kingdom. Shiva unfortunately will not be there.

Seth Gilliam will be there too. So be sure to go tell him how nice it is that Father Gabriel is now fully on Team Rick but remind him that he still has a lot to make up for. No one betrays Rick and just gets away with it. Ask Spencer.

The last person appearing from Alexandria is Ann Mahoney. Tragically Olivia didn’t make it through the midseason finale. Olivia got to do what no one else has gotten do when she slapped Negan so at least she went out a champ.

Hilltop Represented

The Kingdom isn’t the only community besides Alexandria that will be represented at Terror Con. Jeremy Palko, who plays Hilltop resident Andy, will be there. Both the Hilltop and the Kingdom are going to be critically important to Rick and the team from Alexandria as they get ready for battle.

The Saviors

The Saviors will also be represented at Terror Con by Elizabeth Ludlow. Elizabeth Ludlow plays Negan’s right hand woman Arat. Even though Arat killed Olivia in “Hearts Still Beating”  mandfans have forgiven her. They are excited to get to meet the actress that plays her. Terror Con will be Ludlow’s first con appearance. She announced her appearance on Twitter with this video:

Arat and Olivia Photo Op

Individual photo ops are available for all of The Walking Dead cast members. There is also a group Walking Dead photo op. For fans that both miss Olivia and love Arat there is a special photo op with both Ann Mahoney and Elizabeth Ludlow. If these two can make up and be friends maybe there is hope for Rick and Negan? Well, maybe not for them.

You can find more information about Terror Con here. While you’re waiting for the con start getting ready for The Walking Dead midseason premiere. “Rock In The Road” airs in just over a week on February 12th.