Topps, The Walking Dead and the NFL bring you new trading cards


The Walking Dead releases a new line of digital trading cards, joining forces with Topps and the NFL to make zombies out of several football players in time for the Super Bowl.

The good people at The Walking Dead have created a special edition set of digital trading cards to commemorate the Season 7 midseason premiere and the Big Game itself, Super Bowl LI. The cards, available through the Walking Dead Card Trader app, feature images of NFL players as Walkers.

This set of trading cards features your favorite players from the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons as you’ve never seen them before. The Walking Dead’s executive producer, director, and special FX make-up guru Greg Nictotero created each of the images himself, drawing them by hand to create stunning and creepy images of your favorite players.

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Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jennings was thrilled to be featured in the trading card set: “I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. In fact, preparing for a zombie apocalypse is my off season hobby. So I had to jump on the opportunity to become one through the NFLPA’s collaboration with AMC and Topps Digital. I’m excited to see how the other players’ artwork comes out. I think mine turned out pretty cool—I make an excellent zombie.”

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The trading cards are only available for a limited time. The Walking Dead returns on February 12th.