The Walking Dead returns with a marathon and a Rock in the Road

Ethan Embry. Stephen Vining. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Ethan Embry. Stephen Vining. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday February 12th with the 9th episode of season 7 airing seamlessly with a weekend marathon.

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday, but fans of the show may want to block out the entire weekend on their calendars. AMC is treating us to a weekend-long marathon of seasons 5, 6 and 7 leading into the mid-season premiere on Sunday evening at 9/8C.

(Some spoilers ahead if you aren’t caught up.)

The marathon begins on Saturday at 1 am./midnight C. So depending on how you view time, it really begins on Friday night. Late Friday night Carol will rescue the gang from Terminus and they will begin the journey to save Beth.

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After breakfast on Saturday morning the group will head toward Noah’s home and eventually toward Washington D.C. and meet up with Aaron and Eric. By lunch, they will make it to Alexandria and Abraham will wonder very loudly who Deanna is.

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Saturday afternoon we will enjoy life in Alexandria. Carol will be wearing flowered sweaters, baking cookies and telling frightening fairy tales. Rick will be breaking windows and Nicholas will be Nicholas.

Saturday night will bring a huge herd. Wolves will invade Alexandria, but Carol will take care of them while a casserole is in the oven.

We will learn about Aikido and Crighton Dallas Wilton. We won’t have to worry about the dumpster this time because we know what happens.

If we stay up late, we can meet Jesus. If not, we can wake up and have breakfast with Negan. By lunch we will meet Ezekiel and Shiva.

Then we will relive season 7 all day until we can’t take the goosebumps any more by the time Spencer spills his guts and Rick and Daryl hug again. When the group struts up to Barrington house at Hilltop it will be time to hear the words we’ve been waiting months to hear.

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