Lauren Cohan to be on ‘For Honor’ Twitch Stream at 2pm PST

Lauren Cohan to be on 'For Honor' Twitch Stream at 2pm PST - Photo Credit: - For Honor - Ubisoft
Lauren Cohan to be on 'For Honor' Twitch Stream at 2pm PST - Photo Credit: - For Honor - Ubisoft /

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan will be a part of a celebrity guest battle (War of the Factions) on Ubisoft’s For Honor Twitch Live Stream today at 2pm PST.

Ubisoft is celebrating For Honor’s upcoming release in style with a War of the Factions for the ages featuring Lauren Cohan, Jason Momoa, Alfie Allen, Demetrious Johnson and more. For Honor is a new action game experience featuring Knights against Vikings against Samurai. It’s the ultimate warrior battle and on February 9th-12th, you’ll be able to join the official open beta. The title is slated for release on February 14th (Valentine’s Day) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

You can catch the live Twitch video stream at this link today at 2pm PST, that’s 5pm Eastern Time for folks on the other side of the coast.

Our very own Maggie Greene will be leading a team featuring MMA fighter Demetrious Johnson, Dan Casey of the NERDIST (Senior Editor), and Twitch streamer StoneMountain64. Cohan’s team is named GLORY and will face Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa who leads team JUSTICE. Momoa will have actor Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), host Jessica Chobot of the NERDIST, and Twitch user sodapoppin.

Lauren Cohan has been busy lately off the set of The Walking Dead. You can catch her on the cover of GQ Mexico this month. She’s also playing Leila Steinberg in All Eyez on Me, a biopic of rapper of Tupac Shakur. The film is set for release on June 16, 2017.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday on AMC, will Negan discover Maggie’s true whereabouts at the Hilltop? Will Gregory sell her out in order to regain power over the heart of Hilltop, or will they all join together in the resistance against the Saviors? After all the theme of all Walking Dead ads recently has seen the slogan ‘Rise Up’ displayed prominently.

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Remember to tune into Ubisoft’s live Twitch video stream today featuring Lauren Cohan going to battle in For Honor. Pre-show will begin at 1pm PST. Who will reign victorious and own celebrity bragging rights today? Maggie Greene or Aquaman? Only one way to find out my friends!

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