Is Daryl hurting the war effort with his impatience in The Walking Dead?

Morgan Jones (Lennie James), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 9Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Morgan Jones (Lennie James), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 9Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Being held captive by The Saviors seems to have changed Daryl in good and bad ways. Will his impatience end up hurting the survivors’ chances to win the war against Negan on The Walking Dead?

Daryl has been through a lot in The Walking Dead Season 7. His outburst got Glenn killed. Then he was taken captive by the Saviors. And he had to watch the Saviors ransack Alexandria while he wasn’t allowed to talk to his family. That events of Season 7 have changed him. But has he learned from those experiences?

It doesn’t look like it. His impatience shows in his outbursts and belligerence towards Gregory and King Ezekiel. Gregory deserved it, but his attitude toward King Ezekiel could kill any hope of an alliance. King Ezekiel took a big risk by allowing Daryl to remain hidden at The Kingdom but Daryl doesn’t seem to realize that.

Of course he doesn’t want to be left behind while the others continue to make preparations for war. But staying hidden is the only way to keep Alexandria safe. Daryl’s impulsive actions could end up costing the group more than just Glenn’s life if he isn’t careful.

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It’s great to see Daryl’s fighting spirit back. He hasn’t really been the same since the group found Alexandria. But he needs to stop reacting to outside events without thinking first. Rick is going to need all of Daryl’s skills in the upcoming war. But Daryl needs to think before he acts or opens his mouth.


Part of Daryl’s sour attitude may be the belief that Carol has left the group and gone out on her own. Daryl and Carol have always had a special connection. Now that Daryl is wrestling with the fact that he got Glenn killed he needs Carol more than ever.

Hopefully now that Daryl is going to be hiding out at The Kingdom he will eventually discover that Carol is still close by. The survivors could really use Carol’s skills too if she can come out of the funk that she’s in. Together Carol and Daryl would be a formidable team that could help win the war that’s coming against The Saviors.

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As the preparations for war continue in Season 7 of The Walking Dead hopefully Daryl will get control of his emotions and become once more the focused and in control hunter that he was in earlier seasons. That’s really who Rick needs him to be right now. That’s the Daryl could be a huge asset fighting The Saviors.