The Hilltop is turning to Maggie instead of Gregory on The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

A regime change is coming on The Walking Dead. The people of Hilltop are turning more and more to Maggie and Sasha to lead them. Should Maggie replace Gregory as the leader at Hilltop?

The Hilltop may soon have a new leader on The Walking Dead. Maggie was told by Dr. Carson that she needs to stay at Hilltop until Baby Rhee is born in case there are more complications. She and Sasha, along with Jesus, saved the people of The Hilltop from The Saviors walker bomb. And now the residents of the community are making it clear they trust Maggie more than Gregory.

Who could blame them for that? Gregory is a terrible leader. He’s self-serving and self-indulgent. When Hilltop was under attack from The Saviors he didn’t lift a finger to try and save people. Pregnant Maggie with help from Jesus and Sasha saved the day.

Now that war is coming Gregory doesn’t want to be involved. Not because he cares about the people at Hilltop, but because he doesn’t want to risk his own neck. But Enid talked to the citizens at Hilltop and they are ready to fight. Only if Maggie leads them though. They know that Maggie is a leader who will look out for them.

Right now Negan thinks Maggie is dead. So Gregory needs to remain in place as the leader at Hilltop or at least remain as a figurehead. But Maggie has proven her loyalty to Hilltop and the people of Hilltop trust her. It won’t be long before Maggie is new leader at Hilltop, with Sasha and Jesus to help her.

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Will Maggie Ever Go Back?

Rick could use Maggie’s help in Alexandria too, but she never want to go back to Alexandria. Glenn is buried at Hilltop so Maggie may want to stay there. It looks like visiting the grave every day is part of her routine. It would totally understandable if she wanted to make Hilltop her new home.

If Maggie stays at Hilltop and Sasha stays with her it will be the first time that the group has permanently been divided. The last time Rick’s core group of survivors were separated for a long time was when Andrea got left behind as Hershel’s farm. She and Michonne ended up in Woodbury. Andrea chose to stay with The Governor instead of rejoining Rick’s group at the prison.

Even though it would be bittersweet if Maggie takes over the leadership at Hilltop and stays there it could be a huge asset to Rick. Assuming that the survivors can beat Negan and The Saviors they will need to work out a way to keep peace and trade with the other communities. Having a strong, intelligent and capable leader like Maggie at Hilltop would make it easy to forge alliances among the remaining communities.

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Changes are coming to The Walking Dead as the world expands. Maggie has a much bigger role to play and it’s exciting to see her becoming the leader that Deanna knew she could be. Hershel would be proud.