Does Judith have immunity against the Saviors?

Negan with Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC
Negan with Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Judith might be the only person in Alexandria with a mattress. Did Negan order his men to leave her alone during their visits?

We haven’t seen a lot of Judith in The Walking Dead’s seventh season. One of the most memorable and poignant sightings was during episode 707, “Sing Me a Song,” when Negan discovered the toddler during his tour of Alexandria. Negan’s face lit up like a Christmas tree upon finding the girl in her bedroom, and he even cradled her while she napped and he kicked back to shoot the breeze on the porch with Carl.

Surely she had been noticed when the Saviors first came to Alexandria and rid them of their mattresses. It’s more than likely that they didn’t know she belonged to Rick at the time, which protected her from undue attention. Judith’s crib still had a mattress in “Sing Me a Song,” suggesting that the Saviors didn’t rob the baby of her bedding, which is something that happened before they knew that Rick was her father. 

When Simon’s men went to Alexandria to search for Daryl in “Rock in the Road” they surely looked in her bedroom but they seem to leave her alone. Is leaving her alone a rule they have about not harming children, or could it be that Negan specifically told his people to leave her alone? (Negan knew that Carl was Rick’s son, but he opted not to kill him and instead returned him safely to Alexandria. Is Negan keeping Rick’s kids safe to have them available as bartering tools later, or is there a deeper meaning?)

It’s quite possible that the Saviors have a code about children. We haven’t seen any children at the Sanctuary, though we have seen them in the Kingdom and in Oceanside. Perhaps they aren’t allowed to harm children. Perhaps Negan himself decreed that they don’t mess with kids.

On the other hand, we know from the women in Oceanside that the men and boys were rounded up and killed by the Saviors as a punishment. We don’t know how old the boys were, but if you assume they were children and not older teens, then it can be said that the Saviors do indeed harm children.

There’s also the possibility that Negan does have a rule about harming children, but supervisors like Simon take things into their own hands when the situation calls for it, and they can deny that they had anything to do with the childrens’ deaths should Negan ask.

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The Walking Dead has a long history of children who meet unfortunate ends. Sophia. The kids at the prison. Mika. Lizzie. It’s amazing, given the circumstances, that Judith has lasted as long as she has. (I’m only referring her to her role on the show, not her story in the comics) Though every character in the show is technically living on borrowed time, it would seem that Judith is in a pretty good spot when it comes to the Saviors. For now.