The Walking Dead: A Twitter chat with Lindsley Register of the Saviors

LIndsley Register. Laura. The Walking Dead. AMC.
LIndsley Register. Laura. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Savior Laura is played by actress LIndsley Register. LIndsley treated our Twitter followers to a chat to answer fan questions before the midseason premiere.

The actors from The Walking Dead have been wonderful with offering their time to chat with our followers and answer questions on Twitter in what we’ve started to call Twitter Takeovers using the hashtag #undeadchat.

For the midseason premiere Lindsley Register of the Saviors joined us for an hour before the show and Kingdom soldier Carlos Navarro live Tweeted the actual episode.

LIndsley’s chat was incredibly popular. Tweets were flying fast and furious. She was fabulous about answering them all. The questions covered a nice variety of areas from the show, to the Saviors to her favorite music and what she thought of Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl (she adored it). She even got a Tweet from a Walker who wants to work with her!

Here are some of the highlights of the chat and some of Carlos’ Tweets from the episode:

I hope you enjoyed LIndsley’s chat here if you weren’t able to make it live or if you aren’t a Twitter person. If you are on Twitter, we use the hashtag #undeadchat for all of our Twitter takeovers so you can follow along and find them easily.

We have a full schedule coming up with a walker, a woman from Oceanside and a bunch of Saviors! We had chats with many of the Hilltoppers during the first half of season 7. Carlos represented the KIngdom well! We hope to continue these into Fear the Walking Dead.

Fan mail for LIndsley: Render Hocker C/O Lindsley Register 2002 Summit Blvd NE #300, Atlanta, GA 30319