The Walking Dead 710 recap: “New Best Friends”

Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos), Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 9Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos), Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 9Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead continues tonight with “New Best Friends.” Here’s what happened in Episode 10 of The Walking Dead’s seventh season.

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead begins with members of The Kingdom waiting for the Saviors to arrive for their regular supply drop. A Walker approaches and Ezekiel orders Diane to shoot it with her bow and arrow. She notes that her sister had that dress. Jared and the Saviors arrive and Jerry reveals that they have a whole trunk load of watermelons. Gavin says it looks light but Ezekiel tells him to look again. Jared wants Richard’s gun and it winds up being a standoff. Ezekiel orders Richard to give up his gun but he and Jared get into a fight. Morgan breaks it up and is rewarded with being hit in the head. Gavin gives Ezekiel a warning, and when Morgan asks for his stick back he realizes he isn’t getting it back.

Ezekiel praises Benjamin for stepping in during the confrontation, but he warns him about stepping in too quickly. He tells Richard that they’ll talk later before walking away. Morgan rubs his bleeding head and Benjamin goes to get him some meds. Daryl comes up and Morgan goes to speak with him. Daryl wants to know what happened. He tells Morgan that Morgan knows what they are, but then he says that if Carol was there and knew about what was going on she’d be leading them all into battle. “And that’s why she left,” Morgan replies.

Daryl finds Richard practicing his archery. He knows the Saviors realize Richard shouldn’t have a gun. He knows Daryl’s history with a bow and offers him a new crossbow. Richard says they want the same things, and he needs Daryl’s help.

Richard tells Daryl they need something to get Ezekiel to make a decision. He reveals his hidden trailer to Daryl, and the duo stock up on supplies before heading out on the road. The sign says they’re heading toward the cemetery. Richard says the road is the Saviors’ main artery, and he wants to attack them so that they antagonize the Saviors. The trail they’re making will lead the Saviors to Carol’s cabin because Carol is someone Ezekiel cares about and her death will trigger Ezekiel. Daryl wants to know the woman’s name. It’s Carol. Richard starts going crazy when he realizes that Daryl knows Carol and won’t be a part of the plan. Of course, as they’re talking a band of Saviors approach and so Daryl is forced to attack him to keep him from doing something stupid. They fight and the Saviors pass them. Richard tells Daryl that his people need to move against the Saviors quickly, and they’ll need the Kingdom to do it. Guys like them, he says, have lost so much already. Daryl says that if Carol is hurt, in any way, he will kill Richard. “I would die for the Kingdom,” Richard says. “Why don’t you?” Daryl taunts before walking away.

Back in the junkyard, there is evidence of some old junk being turned into works of art. A door opens from beneath the piles of junk and people pour out, dressed in dark clothing. Among them are Rick and the group, and they look around in wonder at the people who surround them. They still have their weapons even though they are in the middle of a double circle of humans.

A woman’s voice asks if they are a “collective” or if one leads. Rick steps out and introduces himself. She says they own their lives, and they can buy them back. Rick asks about Gabriel and wants to see him before they talk. Gabriel emerges in a white undershirt. The woman, Jadis, says that they took the boat things, they took the Alexandria supplies, and they took Gabriel. Rick explains that they belong to the Saviors, and if they go missing then the Saviors will come looking for them. Rick implores her to join their fight. Jadis says no and wags her finger. Gabriel is taken away, and Rosita starts fighting the people nearest her, and they all start fighting. Rick tries to stop them, but it’s Gabriel holding a knife to his captor’s throat that stops the fight. Gabriel says that the Saviors have everything they could possibly want. He says that if they fight with their group, they will be rewarded. He says Rick can do anything. He asks what they need and promises that Rick and the group will be able to get it for them.

Jadis orders her people to show Rick “Up Up Up.” Michonne grabs his hand as he walks by. The rest of the group is taken to seating area and Gabriel tends to Aaron’s cut. Rosita asks about his new best friends but he doesn’t respond. Rick and Jadis appear on the top of the pile and in the distance they see the Sanctuary. Jadis says they have been there in the junkyard since the “Change.” Things are changing again and she needs to know who Rick is. With that said, she pushes him down into a pit.

Rick can see Michonne through a pipe and he tells her he’s all right. He looks around and sees a Walker wearing a metal helmet, covered in spikes. Rick has to find things around him to fight it off but the blades keep cutting into him. His hand goes right through one of the blades. The walls of the pit are constructed so that the trash keeps falling. Michonne tells him to use that by triggering a cave in so that the Walker is immobilized. He buries the Walker and kills it, and then he turns back to Jadis and asks if she believes them now. He wants to know what they want, and they’ll get it. Despite his bloody hand, he pulls himself out.

“Guns. A lot. A lot. And then we fight your fight,” Jadis tells him.

Jadis wants to know if Rick thinks they’ll win. She wants half of the stuff they win back, and she and Rick go back and forth between half and a third. She wants guns and jars. Apparently she had been waiting for someone to get the stuff off the boat. The spiked Walker was once a man named Winslow, she says. He asks her name and she tells him it’s Jadis.  Her people retreat and leave their weapons. Rick emerges from around the corner with a big smile on his face. “We have a deal,” he proclaims. Michonne hugs and kisses him, and he leans on her as they leave.

Carol sees Ezekiel and her guards in her yard and comes out to see him. Ezekiel apologizes for tripping her wire when he was there trying to clear weeds. Jerry presents her with some cobbler, which she takes reluctantly. She goes back inside and starts reading, but then there is another knock on the door. It’s Daryl. She hurries into his arms for a hug. He explains that Jesus brought them to the Kingdom. He asks why she left and she says she had to.

Gabriel explains that he heard something when he was on watch and he found Jadis in the pantry. She was upset that they didn’t get all of the supplies on the boat. Gabriel is overwhelmed by the fact that Rick found him, and knew he didn’t abandon them. “What made you smile?” he asks. Rick explains that enemies can become friends, and he clasps Gabriel on the shoulder.  Tara says they need to go back to Alexandria but Rosita wants to go out and get guns for the deal. Tara tells her they’re sticking together. They’re not looking for a fight, they’re getting ready for one.  Rosita really doesn’t care. She’s tired of people taking stuff from them. “Guns, soon, or else,” one of Jadis’ people echoes from their vantage point nearby. Rick grabs the wire cat before they leave.

Carol makes a fire while Daryl sits and watches her. She explains that she couldn’t bear to lose anyone anymore. But she also couldn’t kill anymore. She could, and would, she says, if they hurt their people. But there wouldn’t be anything left of her after that. She asks if the Saviors came. He says yes, but doesn’t elaborate. With tears in her eyes, Carol asks if anyone got hurt. She wants to know if the Saviors hurt anyone back home. Daryl looks away, and she knows something is wrong. They came, he says, and they got them all. Everyone’s all right, he lies. She wipes her tears, relieved. He asks if they’re going to eat, or if he has to be a king to get food around there. “Shut up,” she laughs. He asks about Ezekiel and whether or not he’s ok. She says she thinks he is. They start eating, and at the end of the night Daryl leaves her house after giving her one more hug. He tells her to watch out for herself.

Shiva paces in her cage and Daryl stares at her. Shiva doesn’t mind Daryl, and Morgan says that Ezekiel would be impressed because Shiva doesn’t like many people. Daryl says a guy with a tiger must be okay. Daryl says he saw Carol and Morgan tries to explain but Daryl understands what’s going on with Carol. Daryl says that Morgan needs to wake up. Morgan says they’re the same person. He knows that Daryl didn’t tell Carol what happened, because she’d be there otherwise. Shiva rubs against Daryl’s hand. Daryl says he’s going to the Hilltop in the morning.

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Morgan watches as Daryl leaves, and Richard watches him. There’s some serious tension there.

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