The Walking Dead 710: Shocking moments from “New Best Friends”


The Walking Dead’s “New Best Friends” episode was packed with surprises. Let’s take a look at some of the most shocking moments!

The second half of The Walking Dead’s seventh season is delivering the dramatic moments. Even with Negan missing for a second week in a row, there was a lot to take in with “New Best Friends.” Here are some of the moments that stood out the most.

The Scavengers

There’s an entire community of people who live in a vast junkyard. Their leader is a woman named Jadis who has the most severe bangs I’ve seen in awhile. Her attitude is as tough as those bangs, and she commands a very large group of people who call the junkyard home. Her tone brooks no nonsense, and she has her own way of communicating with her people with hand signals and simple words that represent things in their world. “Up Up Up,” for example, is their name for the tallest pile of junk that allows them to see to the ends of their community.

The Scavengers have a philosophy that they don’t fight for things, they take them. That means that Jadis was the owner of the boot that we saw near the boat. We learn from Gabriel that he found her raiding their pantry that night and that she was upset because her group had been watching the boat for a long time, and they missed out on obtaining the complete haul because Negan’s men took so much of it. They watch for people who have stuff, and then they take the stuff as they see fit.

Father Gabriel the Badass

We now know that Father Gabriel didn’t abandon the group. He was taken because he was the one on guard duty who discovered the intruders. (How did Jadis get in?) When the group starts tussling with the Scavengers, Gabriel puts a knife to his captor’s throat and forces Jadis to listen to him. Gone is the timid Father Gabriel. This is Gabriel the Avenger who saw his friends die, and he is tired of losing people he cares about.

Once the threats have passed, Gabriel confides to Rick that he was worried that Rick and the rest of the gang would think that he abandoned them. He worried that they wouldn’t look for him. But then they came, and Rick nodded at him, and he knew that he was with family. It was a powerful moment for a guy who has struggled to find his place in the group. Now he’s a full member of the gang.


That spiky Walker named Winslow was a trip, wasn’t he? I just need to say that. He pretty much speaks for himself. 

Carol and Daryl

The reunion between Carol and Daryl was everything we could have hoped for. Daryl went into the situation knowing full well that Carol was checked out from the battle, while she had no idea that he had already talked to Morgan.

The hug was as powerful a moment as Daryl’s hug with Rick during the midseason finale. Their hug speaks volumes about how close they are and how much they care about each other.

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When Daryl sees how concerned Carol is about their friends back in Alexandria, he knows that if he reveals the truth about Abraham and Glenn, everything will change for Carol. He makes a decision to not tell her about it. For now, it’s the perfect gift to give her. The blissful ignorance probably won’t last long, and who knows what she’ll do when she learns the truth, but for now, they were able to share a moment.

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