Will Tara break her promise and reveal Oceanside on The Walking Dead?

Kathy (Nicole Barre), Beatrice (Briana Venkus), and Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) in S7E6Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Kathy (Nicole Barre), Beatrice (Briana Venkus), and Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) in S7E6Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

On the latest episode of The Walking Dead plans to fight Negan continue to move forward but Rick needs to find a lot of guns fast in order to get the help of the Scavengers. Will Tara tell him where to find the guns they need?

Tara is now facing a pretty big dilemma. She had every intention of keeping her promise not to reveal the existence of Oceanside. But, that was before she knew anything about what had happened between The Survivors and The Saviors.

Now she knows that they have to fight Negan and The Saviors and they need help to do it. Jadis and her group of scavengers are the army that Rick needs to take on The Saviors. But Jadis will only help them if the group can find a lot of guns for her people. Once The Scavengers have the guns they will join the fight.

Tara has to decide if taking down Negan and The Saviors is worth breaking her promise for. Oceanside has a lot of weapons. Enough to arm The Scavengers, The Survivors, and The Hilltop. But if she breaks her promise Oceanside is not going to be happy about that. Rick is a tough negotiator but he may not be able to talk the women of Oceanside into giving up the guns and joining the fight.

Oceanside has really lost the most of any of the groups. The Saviors slaughtered all the men and boys of the group. That seems out of character for them. Maybe Oceanside was the first group that The Saviors tried to force into submission. It could have been before Negan took over. But Oceanside has suffered the biggest losses of any of the groups.

Maybe when they know that so many other communities are banding together to take on The Saviors Rick can persuade them to join the fight and give The Survivors their weapons. But at this point Rick might be willing to take them by force if necessary.

Should Tara Break Her Promise?

Oceanside isn’t a threat. They just want to be left alone. Tara wants to keep her promise. But she also knows that there is no other option for the other communities except to take Negan down.

Oceanside is the only community that has enough guns to make that possible. And time is ticking. Sooner or later The Saviors will find Daryl. They will keep increasing the pressure on Alexandria. Things will go bad for other communities.

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But in The Walking Dead world the good of the group has to be the highest priority. So while Tara had every intention of keeping her promise she really needs to tell Rick about Oceanside.

None of the groups will survive without the weapons stockpile that Oceanside has. It’s naïve for any of the communities to think they can stay out of this. A united force of all the communities taking on The Saviors is the only way that any of the communities will survive.