The Kingdom will have to fight to survive in The Walking Dead world


Tensions are escalating between The Saviors and The Kingdom on The Walking Dead. The deal that King Ezekiel made has kept The Saviors out of The Kingdom but that truce is breaking down fast. Will King Ezekiel realize that The Kingdom must fight to survive?

It’s easy to see why King Ezekiel wants to avoid fighting The Saviors as long as possible. Not too much of the backstory of The Kingdom has been told but it’s clear that they fought hard to establish it.

The Kingdom is probably the most vibrant community of survivors that has been shown. It makes sense that Ezekiel doesn’t want to risk that.

But relations between The Saviors and The Kingdom fighters are breaking down fast. Richard’s attitude is not helping, but The Saviors are pushing things too. Because they can, and they know there isn’t much that Ezekiel can do about it. The Saviors hold all the cards, and they know it.

Ezekiel sees that the deal is breaking down but he seems reluctant to take steps to protect The Kingdom when relations between the two groups reach a breaking point. That point is coming quickly and King Ezekiel will need to fight back.

Joining Rick and the other communities on The Walking Dead is the best way to protect The Kingdom. So why is King Ezekiel hesitating? He must see that the writing is on the wall when it comes to keeping peaceful relations with The Saviors. He trusts Richard, who wants to fight. But he also trusts Morgan and Morgan thinks they shouldn’t fight. Who is right?

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When Things Go Bad

King Ezekiel’s happy little kingdom is starting to crack at the seams. Richard is set on attacking The Saviors, which will put Negan’s attention directly on The Kingdom for the first time. If Richard continues his plan to try to set up Carol to take the fall with The Saviors, he will have to answer to Rick as well as Ezekiel.

Fighting and discord among the soldiers of The Kingdom could cause the entire community to erupt. Add in some pressure from The Saviors and that could end up destroying The Kingdom. King Ezekiel likes to take his time and think his way through decisions but his time is running out. It’s time to act.

Fighting for survival is a necessity in The Walking Dead world. King Ezekiel has tried to shield his people from that reality like Deanna did at Alexandria. But it was a mistake for Deanna to do that and it’s a mistake for King Ezekiel too.

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The people of The Kingdom are going to have to fight to survive. They can fight with Rick and the other communities or they can fight on their own. King Ezekiel is going to learn the hard way that fighting isn’t a choice. But he can choose when that fight begins. By joining Rick and attacking The Saviors he still has a chance to save The Kingdom. He doesn’t see that yet, but hopefully he will see it before anyone from The Kingdom dies.