Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead 711 ‘Hostiles and Calamities’

Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC
Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC /

Who will join Chris Hardwick on the Sunday, February 26, 2017 episode of Talking Dead to discuss The Walking Dead 711 titled ‘Hostiles and Calamities’?

Each week there is a new episode of The Walking Dead, AMC helps out viewers by providing some therapy. Led by host Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead has become a regular staple for fans of the zombie apocalypse, and that should continue with the Sunday, February 26, 2017 episode.

On Sunday, the program will discuss the events from The Walking Dead episode 711 titled ‘Hostiles and Calamities’. This installment of the series will take a look at what has been going on at The Sanctuary while Rick has been trying to round up soldiers for the war against The Saviors.

As usual, Talking Dead has assembled a great group of guests to talk about ‘Hositles and Calamities’. Here is the list of guests according to the show’s official website on

Josh McDermitt

As an actor, comedian, and all around good guy, McDermitt should be entertaining and informative. Known by fans for his role as Eugene Porter, he brings awkwardness and some levity to the zombie apocalypse, just like he should do for the couch. This could mean Eugene gets some time in the spotlight this week.

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Austin Amelio

A second actor joins the couch. Amelio plays Dwight on AMC’s zombie survival drama and (if you have watched the sneak peek) looks to be in a bit of trouble during this week’s episode. Getting some insight into his character could help fans to understand more of his motivations and actions while working for Negan.

Lil Jon

Lil Jon is a rapper, hype man, and superfan of The Walking Dead. He may be known for his work as a solo artist of part of Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz. He is also a well known producer. He has worked with groups like LMFAO, R. Kelly, The Ying Yang Twins, and DJ Snake, but is likely most recognizable for his signature “Yeah!” or “OK!”.

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Fans won’t want to miss this episode of Talking Dead. With two fantastic cast members and a rap icon on the couch to discuss The Walking Dead, this installment looks to be a can’t-miss for those who love the undead.