The Walking Dead Arcade Game: Out Now, Use Daryl’s Crossbow

The Walking Dead Arcade Game: Out Now, Use Daryl's Crossbow - The Walking Dead Arcade Game Photo Credit - Raw Thrills / Play Mechanix
The Walking Dead Arcade Game: Out Now, Use Daryl's Crossbow - The Walking Dead Arcade Game Photo Credit - Raw Thrills / Play Mechanix /

Raw Thrills’ latest Arcade game is none other than The Walking Dead. We all get a chance to be Daryl Dixon with a pair of Crossbow Controllers!

The Walking Dead Arcade Game is arriving at your local Dave & Busters and it’s an experience to remember. Publisher Raw Thrills and Developer Play Mechanix are known for the infamous Terminator Salvation arcade cabinet at practically every AMC theater across the US. You likely have also dabbled in their Jurassic Park and Aliens: Armageddon arcade coin-ops. Never to disappoint, this latest release lets you take out hordes of walkers bulls-eye style.

That’s right this cabinet has Daryl Dixon’s renowned crossbow as your primary controller. For Walking Dead fans there isn’t a more satisfying sound effect to complete the experience than those arrows launching out of your crossbow joystick.

The Walking Dead Arcade Game: Official Trailer

You’ll get to sit in a professionally build top tier arcade cabinet to enjoy the Walking Dead with a pal as it features a duel pair of crossbow controllers. You can unleash some havoc on the walker herds together like it’s 300 and you’re making them ‘fight in the shade’. As you can see from the official trailer, Daryl’s crossbow won’t be the only means to fight the walkers.

Fans test out The Walking Dead Arcade Game Experience

Check out these Walking Dead fans of Youtube channel Plush Time Wins enjoying a tour of the new arcade game. Their round of title shows a story mode/chapter select mode, how to reload the crossbow by pulling back on the back handle, and a first run through the West Georgia Correctional Facility. A facility chuck-full of walkers ready to be vanquished of course!

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You get a health bonus if you manage to save the living from zombie attack. Similarly, you receive a health penalty if you accidentally mark one of the living with a misplaced arrow. Later on we see the duo manage to get their hands on a wrench including the ability to throw it in-game. One of the many options available to save yourself and others from perishing at walker hands.

You’ll see plenty of familiar sights, sounds and walkers as you make your way through this all new Walking Dead Arcade experience from Raw Thrills / Play Mechanix. Remember to bring plenty of coins/tokens!

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