What’s up, Doc?: The Walking Dead 711 ‘Hostiles and Calamities’ review

Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in Episode 11Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in Episode 11Photo by Gene Page/AMC /
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The Walking Dead aired ‘Hostiles and Calamities’ on Sunday, February 26, 2017, but was episode 711 good or did it fail to meet expectations?

Fans have been flocking to The Walking Dead lately. Watching Rick Grimes and the other survivors attempting to ‘Rise Up’ against Negan and The Saviors has become must-watch television for fans of AMC’s zombie drama.

The most recent episode of the hit show was ‘Hostiles and Calamities’, which is episode 11 of season 7. This installment showed what is happening at The Sanctuary during the events that happened in the previous episode.

With Eugene taken, Daryl escaped, and Fat Joey dead, there were plenty of reasons for Negan and his men to be upset and frustrated. But who will they take their anger and aggression out on and how will they respond?

All those questions were answered, but a bigger one is whether or not ‘Hostiles and Calamities’ was a good episode or if it didn’t quite meet the standards The Walking Dead has set for its program.

Let’s start by taking a look at the good thing from episode 711.