Negan and The Saviors need a new doctor on The Walking Dead

Dr. Emmit Carson (Tim Parati) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in Episode 11Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Dr. Emmit Carson (Tim Parati) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in Episode 11Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

In The Walking Dead world doctors are a prized commodity. The Sanctuary is presently in need of a doctor, but it sounds like Negan knows exactly where to find another Dr. Carson.

In The Walking Dead “Hostiles and Calamities” Negan proved that making a point is more important than the welfare of the community. After Dwight set up Dr. Carson to make it look like the doctor was involved in Daryl’s escape and Sherry’s disappearing act Negan threatened to give the good doctor an iron to the face.

Carson begged for life and admitted he aided the fugitives, even though he didn’t. Negan changed his mind about the iron the face and threw the doctor into the furnace instead. He remarked, as the doctor burned, “A good thing we got a spare Dr. Carson”.

He could have been referring to Eugene, who claims to be a PhD which technically makes him a doctor. But more likely he was referring to the Dr. Carson at The Hilltop. In The Walking Dead comics the two doctors with the last name Carson are brothers. One was taken by Negan early on to serve the residents of The Sanctuary.

So it looks like now Negan’s going to take the other Dr. Carson from The Hilltop and make him the new doctor for The Saviors and the residents at The Sanctuary. For several different reasons that’s going to be a problem.

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Keeping Maggie’s Secret

If Negan goes to The Hilltop to take Dr. Carson, or sends The Saviors to fetch him, there’s a good chance that Maggie could be discovered. Even if she isn’t discovered she needs to be close to Dr. Carson in case there are any more problems with Baby Rhee. When The Saviors take Dr. Carson The Hilltop will be left without a doctor just when they need one the most.

And because Maggie isn’t supposed to be there, let alone be alive and pregnant, Jesus can’t make a case for keeping Dr. Carson. Jesus would have to do the negotiating because Gregory wouldn’t even bother trying to keep Dr. Carson. If it means Gregory gets to live he’d give up every single resident at The Hilltop.

Will Daryl Be Discovered?

The Saviors heading to The Hilltop to take Dr. Carson is also a problem because Daryl left The Kingdom and was heading back to The Hilltop. If Daryl is discovered at The Hilltop along with a pregnant Maggie life is going to be cut very short for some of The Hilltop residents and probably for Maggie and Daryl as well.

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But Rick and the other survivors are not ready to kick off the war with Negan yet. They need to keep things the way they are for now until they can find guns for The Scavengers. When The Saviors go to The Hilltop to collect Dr. Carson Daryl and Maggie will have to stay hidden or war is going to break out sooner than expected on The Walking Dead.