The Walking Dead: 5 questions we still have after 711

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After watching episode 11 of season 7 of The Walking Dead we are left with some questions about what we saw and what might happen next.

Quite a few interesting things happened in the new episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday that answered some questions we had, but as usual, more questions were brought up.

Most of the action took place in the Sanctuary with Negan and Eugene. We also saw quite a bit of Dwight. We still have lots of questions from previous episode, but let’s take a look at some of the things that left us wondering from this episode.

Question #1: Do Negan’s wives really want out?

Negan’s wives asked Eugene to make pills for Amber because she is hurting about her situation with Negan and her boyfriend being burned by the iron. They confessed to wanting the pills for Negan. But what was their real plan? Were they testing Eugene in some way? Did Negan ask them to do this to see what Eugene would do? To see how smart Eugene is, both scientifically and psychologically. Where Eugene’s loyalties are. Do Negan’s wives really want to get out of the Sanctuary?

Question #2: Where is Sherry?

Sherry left the note for Dwight in case he did try to find her. But did she stay there very long? Was she afraid that Dwight would bring Negan or some Saviors there to kill her? Will we see her again? Will she try to find another group? If she finds Daryl, would he kill her? Can she survive on her own?

Question #3:  What does Dwight think about what Sherry did?

We know that Dwight showed up with beer and pretzels at the house. He was clearly devastated by the letter that Sherry left. But what would he have done had she been there? Would he have had the courage to leave with her? Would he understand what she did and why? Does he understand it now? Does it make him want to leave the Sanctuary for good or does it make him want to give up and just become numb and become Negan instead?

Question #4: Has Eugene become Negan?

Eugene said he is Negan. That has many meanings. He is going to go along with the program. He’s not going to fight like Daryl did. He wants to feel safe and not afraid anymore. But that doesn’t mean that he would fight against Rick and the group if he had the chance to leave. It also doesn’t mean that he has some grand scheme to plot against Negan. It could just mean that he has just decided to take it one day at a time and be Negan to survive because he doesn’t know where the group is or how they are surviving trying to serve Negan.

Question #5: How hip is Negan to everything?

What does Negan know about Eugene’s PhD-10-person-human-genome-project-fire-with-fire story? How about Dwight’s story about the Doctor? The wives and the pills? If everyone is Negan, Is Negan omniscient? Does he have some way of appearing that way? Spies? Intuition? Are the rooms bugged? What does Negan know? How does he know it?

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Do you have any other questions about the Dwight and Eugene centered episode? This season is setting up so many characters locations and mixtures of characters that we haven’t seen before. We are moving quickly toward the finale that should set us up for season 8. The Walking Dead is truly a big picture show.