Negan’s wives are not happy in his harem on The Walking Dead

Tanya (Chloe Aktas), Frankie (Elyse Nicole DuFour) and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in Episode 11Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Tanya (Chloe Aktas), Frankie (Elyse Nicole DuFour) and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in Episode 11Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

In The Walking Dead “Hostiles And Calamities” fans got a better look at life inside The Sanctuary and found out that not all of Negan’s wives are happy with their situation. A few even want him dead.

Eugene got very different treatment than Daryl once he arrived inside The Sanctuary in episode 711 of The Walking Dead. He was given a room, food, and all kinds of luxuries. Including a few hours in the company of some of Negan’s wives.

After they got to know him a little a couple of them returned to Eugene to ask if he knew how to concoct a lethal pill. They said that it was for Amber, who would rather kill herself than continue to be in Negan’s harem.

They asked him for a lethal sedative that would allow her to drift off to sleep and not wake up. And they asked for two pills. They said they needed two because they weren’t sure which of them would be able to give her the pill. But they were thrown off-balance when Eugene asked for her exact weight, so that he would know how much of the concoction it would take to kill her.

That’s because the pills weren’t for Amber. The wives wanted to give the pills to Negan and kill him. Since they have the most access to him and his guard would be down around them it was a pretty good plan. But Eugene saw through their plan and refused to help. Will they try to kill him another way? Or will they try again to get Eugene to help?

Why It Would Work

Negan is arrogant. And despite his “no-rape” policy inside The Sanctuary he isn’t exactly a feminist. He assumes that his wives are too stupid, or too scared, to ever try to hurt him. They have almost unfettered access to him and have a lot of privileges inside The Sanctuary so it’s safe to assume that they could find the means to kill him.

One of them could even take him out after sleeping with him, like Andrea almost took out The Governor with a knife in season 3. And he probably wouldn’t see it coming. But that would require a lot of skill and a lot of nerve. Andrea had skill and nerve and she ultimately backed out of killing The Governor because of the risks if she didn’t succeed.

Sherry probably would have had the nerve and the skill to kill Negan but she chose to run away from Negan instead of trying to kill him. If she really wanted to free Dwight from servitude at The Sanctuary she should have killed Negan.

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Will Eugene Help Them?

Eugene told the wives that the made the pills but wouldn’t give the pills to them. He’s terrified of Negan and would never take the risk of participating in a plot to kill him. But if he did in fact make the pills one of the wives could try to steal them from him. Or they could continue to try to manipulate him into giving them the pills.

If Eugene wanted to avenge Abe and help Rick and the other survivors he could give Negan the pills himself or hand them over to the wives. So why didn’t he give them pills? Is he going to betray Rick and the others and become loyal to Negan?

Possibly. Or possibly he’s just biding his time until he gets a better shot to kill Negan. It will be interesting to see if Eugene is truly a Savior now or if he’s just playing possum trying to survive.

Dissent In The Harem

The fact that a few of Negan’s wives want to kill him shows that everything is not as happy as he wants to think in his harem. If the women are determined to get rid of him they will find another way to try to kill him.

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They might also try to help Rick and the survivors when they assault The Sanctuary because they want Negan dead and they want their freedom back. One thing that’s certain is that physical force isn’t the only one to get rid of Negan. Putting pressure on those closest to him, like his wives, might be enough to take him down. In The Walking Dead world there’s always more than one way to neutralize a threat, even a threat like Negan.