Sneak peek video: The Walking Dead episode 713 ‘Bury Me Here’

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Take a look at episode 713 of AMC’s The Walking Dead in this extended look at a scene from ‘Bury Me Here’ which will air on March 12. 2017.

The final credits have rolled for episode 712 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Say Yes’, but fans won’t have to wait until March 12, 2017 to get a another little taste from AMC’s hit zombie survival drama.

As usual, AMC released a scene from the upcoming episode on their YouTube channel. Titled ‘Bury Me Here’, the show continues to develop the story of Rick Grimes. the people of Alexandria, and the surrounding communities fighting for freedom from The Saviors.

Here is the sneak peek as shared on the official YouTube channel of AMC for episode 713 of AMC’s The Walking Dead:

The sneak peek this week features Carol as she makes her way back to The Kingdom. Here is a rundown of what happens:

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Carol is walking down the road. She is armed and appears to be walking with a purpose. She barely breaks her stride to slice into a walker’s shoulder with a machete before continuing on her path.

With a gun on her back. Carol walks up to the gates of The Kingdom. Grabbing a road sign, she draws walkers away from the gate and uses the sign to stab into the heads of the undead from the safety of a tree.

The gates of The Kingdom open. Benjamin and two other individuals from the community come out to meet her. She walks right past them and through the doors. Benjamin turns to talk to her, but instead is met with questions about where Morgan is.

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Don’t miss episode 713 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Bury Me Here’ when it airs on Sunday, March 12, 2017. The hit AMC zombie survival drama is building toward something special, and each episode keeps that story alive.