Andrew Lincoln told Jon Bernthal about Judith’s real father

Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

Andrew Lincoln reveals former Walking Dead costar’s reaction to learning that Baby Judith was his daughter during Walker Stalker London panel.

In a continuation of awesome stories coming from Walker Stalker London panels, Andrew Lincoln tells fans the story of what happened when former costar Jon Bernthal learned that Baby Judith was really Shane’s daughter.

The Walking Dead fans have long wondered if Baby Judith was really Rick’s daughter, and unfortunately Maury Povich is not available in the apocalypse for a paternity test. The math was always sketchy, and no matter how much you want Rick to be the dad, the fact is that the number never really added up in his favor. Earlier in The Walking Dead’s seventh season, the rumors were finally laid to rest when Rick revealed to Michonne that Judith was not his daughter.

Andrew Lincoln told fans at a Walker Stalker London panel what happened when he revealed the news to Jon Bernthal, the actor who played Shane.

"Ugh, do you know what? I’m still not happy about that. We did [San Diego] Comic Con this year, and Jon Bernthal and his family were all there and we were all in the swimming pool just chilling out and I had to tell him, just because I knew that Jon would want to know that it was his child, even though he’s not been in the show for our years, I kinda knew what kind of actor Jon Bernthal was. And I told him and [he] was like “WHAT?!? NO man, NO.” He was just like “No, brother, man that’s not right, that’s not right” he was so angry at that."

Lincoln was right to suspect that this news would have caused Bernthal to play Shane differently. “He was like ‘I wish I’d know, I want to redo my scenes again.’ He went ‘[If I’d known then what I know now] I would have played it a whole different way.’”

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It’s fun to think of what would have happened if Shane knew that he was Judith’s father. Would things have been any different? Maybe he would have changed his behaviors so that he could be there for her instead of going down a path that spelled disaster for him. As it is, the man who has been raising Judith is the man who killed her father, and her brother killed her father the second time around.

Seriously, someone find Maury Povich for this one.