Walking Dead S07E12 Preview: ‘Say Yes’ – Did Negan Believe Dwight?

Walking Dead S07E12 Preview: 'Say Yes' - Negan - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Uploader: Cass)
Walking Dead S07E12 Preview: 'Say Yes' - Negan - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Uploader: Cass) /

Did Negan really believe Dwight’s story? Was it a ruse? On tonight’s Walking Dead, we go back to Rick Grimes’ viewpoint as he makes a stop at the carnival.

Eugene convinced Negan’s wives their power play against him would not work. As Negan would choose his side over them in a battle of words. Why? His usefulness to Negan and the savior community, while the wives would be replaceable. It was checkmate on the board as Negan’s pair of wives let Eugene be with no pill tradeoff. It brings up the question, did Negan truly believe Dwight’s story or did he want to believe? Perhaps, merely buying time until Dwight’s overall usefulness evades him.

Negan did not appear quite convinced of the doctor’s confession in earnest. He tried to sneak in what would happen to Dwight, if he did in fact lie to him. Trying to play the card that Dwight has no incentive as it would bring only pain upon him. Yet, we all know Negan is not compromising or easily deceived. His mercy an act of interest. What will happen when Negan sends out a crew under the table and they find the whereabouts of his former wife?

Walking Dead S07E12 Preview Trailer

“It’s not about us anymore, it’s about our future” – Rick Grimes

Tonight’s Walking Dead sees Rick and Michonne make a stop at the local carnival… Locally infested with walkers that is. Rick’s quote in the trailer to Michonne about how it’s not about them anymore seems to be conceding to the idea their fates are potentially sealed. It’s Carl, Enid, and the rest of the youngsters that will live on to enjoy the toils of the ‘last’ fight against the saviors.

Rick sees their final role move from leader and protecter to possibly sacrifice for an overall idea. A world without the barriers of an oppressive regime that takes half of your stuff. The removal of a Negan savior tax. A reset to the dynamics of the new world.

Meanwhile, Rosita grows ever impatient at building the calvary. She wants to go at it alone in the quest for revenge. Though Abraham left her for Sasha shortly before his untimely end, Rosita is more drunk with the idea of vengeance than anyone outside of maybe Maggie. Even then Maggie is thinking logically, they need numbers. Rosita wants to take the plunge on her own, despite Alexandria’s residents having already suffered from this miscalculation once.

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Will she be able to restrain the temptation, quench the thirst for individual glory for the time being? Or will she become another chess piece of leverage for the saviors upon being inevitably caught?