The Walking Dead S7E12 recap: “Say Yes”

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Here’s your full recap of The Walking Dead season 7 episode 12 “Say Yes.”

Rick and Michonne are camping in a van in the woods while out on a supply mission. They raid an abandoned cabin, taking all the food they can find. They share an intimate moment and then the next morning Michonne thanks Rick for keeping watch. She asks if they’ll have a good day and he thinks they will. Later that day they go off again and find a bunch of stuff, but no guns. More sexy time, and then they continue on the next day.

They come upon some Saviors hitting balls and complaining about Fat Joey. Rick takes batteries and a few other supplies from the bed of their truck and then he and Michonne return to their van and drive off. Michonne wants to head home after being gone two days, but Rick wants a little more time. They exchange smiles, and Michonne agrees.

Rosita stares in a mirror to take out her stitches. Tara walks up and says that she was on her way to help her because Denise showed her how. Tara says they’re going to make it. They have the numbers now. Rosita says they need guns and there’s no way they’re going to find that many guns. Tara says she should save the aggression for the Saviors, not her friends. She offers Rosita some cream for the scar, but Rosita tells her to keep it. She’s going to go find some guns.

Rick and Michonne continue driving down the road. Later, they set up camp and Michonne makes coffee. There’s a deer in the woods and Michonne goes to get her rifle, waking Rick in the process. He asks what it was, and when she tells him it was a deer he reminds her that he still owes her a deer. The deer is gone, but instead they come upon Chilton High School. It’s all fenced off, but a solitary Walker comes out with a rifle strapped to his back. They kill the Walker and discover a bunch of bullet casings. It’s clear that something big went down there.

Rosita goes off on her own run and comes upon a house. The door is open and a gun is on the floor. As she approaches, a Walker comes out and Tara kills it. She grabs the gun only to realize it’s a child’s toy with the red tip at the end.

Rick and Michonne climb to the roof of the school. The roof is flooded and dangerous and the sound of Walkers around them signals that there are lots of them. In the distance on the other side of the school is a carnival, and the Walkers are a mix of soldiers and civilians. That means there are guns. Rick thinks this is the cache he was looking for. Michonne starts shooting targets in the shooting game and hits them, which Rick finds very amusing. Suddenly the roof gives out and they fall through, and you can hear them laughing from below.

Inside the school there are supplies all over. They ask each other if they’re ok, still laughing. Michonne thinks this is a sign. “It is,” he laughs. While the Walkers meander through the carnival, Rick and Michonne eat.

Rosita goes to Father Gabriel and tells him that she was out all day and she didn’t find any guns. She had a gun, and she was going to use it, but everything went wrong. Eugene, Spencer and Olivia would still be alive. She blames Gabriel, saying she listened to him. He reminds her that she came there to talk. She says he doesn’t “know shit about shit.” He says she’s still alive, and he’ll accept blame for that. He challenges her and asks how she will make things happen since she has been given the gift of life. It’s how she uses it that matters, which is much  better than yelling at a “fool” like him.

Rick and Michonne dine like kings on military rations and beer. Michonne asks about the plan. They’ll get the weapons the following day, give stuff to the Scavengers, fight and kill Negan, and then what? She points out that Negan ordered his life the way he wanted it. Someone needs to be in control, but Rick says he doesn’t want to be that person. He likes the idea of reordering things with Michonne, if that’s something she wants. She says she does, and they kiss. Then she says she’s going to eat five more dinners. Rick says they can go another day before leaving. The place is clear and they are safe, so they don’t have to rush. She thinks they should leave. Then he offers her some chili and mac and cheese—together. She likes that. Later, they have more sexy time as the Walkers wander outside.

Tara tinkers with her shell bracelet while she watched Judith. She starts talking to her, giving her the bracelet. Tara says that the person who gave her the bracelet saved her life. She knows that Rick won’t leave without Oceanside’s guns, and they probably won’t get close enough before coming under fire. If only they’d fight with them instead. Tara knows that it will be bad either way, and she wonders what makes their lives more important than Oceanside’s. Is it that they want to stop the people who are hurting them? “God damnit,” she sighs.

Rick and Michonne try to devise a plan to round up the Walkers in the carnival. He proposes taking one and leaving her to take on eight. “You can handle eight,” he teases her. They can’t risk using the guns. They start working, but the car Rick planned to use has a dead soldier stuck in the windshield. The Walker has the same problem as Negan’s rotting Walkers, but eventually Rick takes it apart and Michonne joins him at the car. The brakes don’t work so they don’t get the car in the right place. Gunfire rings out when one of the dead soldiers gets stuck on some rebar, firing the gun. Michonne hops in the trunk and Rick tells her their plan didn’t work out the way they hoped.

The car is now completely surrounded by Walkers. Rick and Michonne climb out the sun roof and go inside the fence of the swing ride. The fence isn’t going to hold, so they kill as many Walkers are they can and run deeper into the carnival. The Walkers follow them so they decide to take them on. Michonne is a killing machine, and between the two of them they kill almost all of the Walkers. Rick looks over and sees the deer Michonne saw earlier. He climbs the ferris wheel to kill it, but he ends up seeing more Walkers on the way. Then the ferris wheel breaks and he falls to the ground. By the time Michonne reaches him he’s surrounded by Walkers and they’re feasting. She sees this and freezes, dropping the sword. Rick climbs out of a booth and throws the sword to her. They kill the remaining Walkers, and she hurries into his arms. He says he tried, but he still owes her a deer. They gather up the weapons, checking the dead bodies closely.

Michonne and Rick make the drive back to Alexandria with a van full of food and weapons. He stops the van and turns off the ignition, looking over at her to say they could have taken a few more days. He has been thinking about Glenn and how Glenn saved him. She says she’s sorry. He tells her that they’re going to fight Negan and the Saviors. They will lose people, but even then it will be worth it. Michonne is overcome by emotion, thinking of seeing the Walkers earlier. He says that fighting the fight is what they’re doing, and they can lose each other but it’s about their future more than anything. He says if he dies she has to be the leader. She asks how he knows this and he says it’s because she led him them.

Jadis inspects the guns and asks if they are operational. There are 63 guns, but Jadis wants more guns. He wants to take ten guns back so they can find more guns. She asks for the cat back, and Rick asks for 20 guns and he keeps the cat. The Scavengers agree to the deal and they go and grab some guns.

Michonne tells Rick that they’ll find more guns in a few days. He nods. Tara looks torn as they walk away.

Tara leaves her house and finds Rick walking by. She was on the way to talk to Rick. Rosita didn’t show up for her guard shift. Rick asks why she was coming by. “I have something to tell you,” she says.

Rosita has gone to the Hilltop. She finds Sasha tending Abraham’s grave. “Hi,” Sasha says dully. Rosita says she’s there because she needs Sasha’s help. They women exchange looks, and without saying anything Sasha knows what she wants to do. “One condition. I take the shot.” Rosita agrees, and she shows Sasha the big gun she found. Rosita says that Rick needs more guns and more time. She memorized the layout of the Sanctuary and Sasha says that she knows the outside from Jesus’s map. They know they can’t be taken alive, so they agree to do this together and not be captured.