Sasha and Rosita are planning a suicide mission against Negan on The Walking Dead

Rosita - The Walking Dead episode 712, AMC
Rosita - The Walking Dead episode 712, AMC /

Rosita went to The Hilltop to recruit Sasha to help her take down Negan in The Walking Dead episode 712. Will her suicide mission get them both killed?

Rosita’s attitude is becoming a problem within Rick’s group on The Walking Dead. It’s understandable that she’s hurting and lashing out. Losing Abe was a huge blow even though he had broken up with her. And now that Eugene has been taken captive she’s probably feeling a little lost and like she doesn’t have a place in the group anymore.

But her attitude and her recklessness are compromising the group. Now she’s taken one of the high-end sniper rifles Rick and Michonne scavenged and gone to The Hilltop. She convinced Sasha to help her take out Negan. But her plan is dangerous and will almost certainly get one or both of them killed.

Sasha promised to help on the condition that she be the one who fires the kill shot. Since Sasha is a great shot it makes sense for her to do it. And as Abe’s current love when he was murdered it’s really her right to be the one that kills Negan for killing Abe. But Rosita seems bent on taking Negan down and she doesn’t really care if she dies in the process. She’d probably prefer it.

Sasha’s been planning to attack Negan on her own too. She convinced Jesus to hitch a ride to The Sanctuary and find out where it was. He drew her a map of the outside areas around The Sanctuary and detailed their security for her. Rosita memorized what Carl and Daryl told Rick about the inside of The Sanctuary. So together they have the information they need to try to assassinate Negan.

A Plan Destined For Failure

There’s almost no doubt that either Sasha or Rosita or both of them will die if they attempt to kill Negan by themselves. But, at this point of them seem fine with dying as long as they kill Negan first. Rosita was struggling before she took a shot at Negan and ended up getting Olivia killed. Now she’s quickly spinning out of control in a self-destructive haze. And she’s going to take Sasha with her.

Sasha - The Walking Dead, AMC
Sasha – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Tactically it’s a stupid plan for them to try to kill Negan. They don’t know enough about The Sanctuary to try to sneak in to get the job done. And they are not thinking rationally enough to make a concrete plan to ambush him anywhere else.

They are reacting purely out of anger. If there’s one truth in The Walking Dead world it is what Michonne said at one point that anger makes people stupid and stupidity get people killed.

The most likely outcome of their plan is that they will both end up getting killed without killing Negan. They may take out a few Saviors but it won’t be a big enough number to help Rick and the others in the upcoming war.

If they really want to kill Negan they should stop reacting and think clearly. Rick is taking the right steps and taking time to prepare so that the communities fighting together can end the rule of Negan and The Saviors once and for all. Sasha and Rosita are jeopardizing Rick’s plans by acting their own.

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Who Will Die?

Right now the best bet is that Sasha will die before the end of the season. If they are going to redeem Rosita’s character and give her the chance to become a more developed character Sasha’s death could be the tipping point for her. After getting so many people killed including Sasha could be broken down to the point where she can start over.

It would be a shame if both Sasha and Rosita die because Rosita has not really had the chance to become a fully developed character. Even though she’s been a regular for several seasons now there’s still a lot of her story that has never been told.

Sasha has had a long story arc and her story has come to a good point of completion. If Sasha is killed before the end of the season it will be sad but it will feel like an appropriate ending for the character. Rosita is intolerable right now. They either need to give her a redemption story or let the character go.

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The season finale of The Walking Dead is quickly approaching. So it won’t be long now until fans find out what Sasha and Rosita’s fates will be. But their plan is doomed to fail.