The Kingdom Saviors on The Walking Dead: Gavin is Negan

Joshua Mikel as Jared, Karl Makinen as Richard, Jayson Warner Smith as Gavin, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Joshua Mikel as Jared, Karl Makinen as Richard, Jayson Warner Smith as Gavin, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

The Kingdom’s deal with the Saviors seemed to be quite peaceful, but Gavin’s Saviors and Richard seem to be having some issues.

Gavin on The Walking Dead seems like the easy-going Savior. He’s not Simon or Dwight. He is calm and deals peacefully with Ezekiel. When Jared gets out of line with Richard, he doesn’t lose his temper, he just works things out with Ezekiel and steps in with words.

But Gavin is a Savior. And the Saviors are Negan. Gavin is Negan. We must not forget that. Gavin even uses words that are very Negan words. When Morgan asked for his stick back, Gavin told him to read the room.

Back in Alexandria Negan told Rick that he read the room and got the message. Gavin was letting Morgan know that he was not getting the message. When Ezekiel recognizes Richard has become a problem and offers to keep him from future meetings, Gavin doesn’t accept that. He wants Richard to get the message.

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Gavin is Negan. He told Ezekiel that things may have to get visceral. That’s no joke. Looking at the previews for this week’s episode, it appears that the KIngdom Saviors are running out of patience with Ezekiel. Things getting visceral is coming.

It’s unclear whether Gavin’s Saviors have always wanted to escalate things or if it has just become an issue because of Richard and some of the scuffles of late.

It seems like Hilltop had a pretty peaceful deal for a while and then the Saviors claimed short and sent Ethan in to send a message to Gregory.

With these outposts, it makes me wonder if this is protocol to make the communities settle into a feeling of comfort that they have made a deal and then they tighten the screws or if they just get fed up at some point with the peace and decide to spice things up. Is Negan aware of what all of these outposts are doing or has he just trained them and brainwashed them into his methods?

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In any case, Gavin is not the soft Savior that he may appear to be. He gave subtle clues in his last meeting with Ezekiel. Don’t be fooled into thinking that he is fed up with Jared. We need to read the room and read the Saviors. Gavin does not have any sympathy for the Kingdom. He is Negan. They are Saviors.