On TWD The Ricktator is ready for retirement

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 12 Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 12 Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Rick doesn’t want to be the leader anymore on The Walking Dead. After Negan is defeated he doesn’t want to unify the communities. He’s certainly done his share and then some. But who else is capable of taking on the leadership of Alexandria and helping the other communities?

After Rick’s fake death on The Walking Dead he and Michonne have a talk about some very serious issues that the survivors are facing. One of those issues is what will happen to the communities after the war. Assuming that the survivors will defeat Negan and The Saviors there will have be some type of plan to keep the remaining Saviors in line and keep the communities working together.

Now that it’s been discovered that there are so many communities out there after The Saviors fall the communities will need to rely on each other as trading partners. They will also need to provide protection for each other so that all the communities can grow and flourish. Someone will need to be in charge of managing inter-community relations. Rick doesn’t want to be that person.

Michonne told him that together they could unite the communities and keep them going. But Rick is tired of leading. He has been for awhile. And losing Glenn and Abe really changed him. He has always stepped into a leadership role when he needed to. But now he just wants to relax and enjoy time with Michonne, Carl and Judith.

So with Rick out of the running to take on the leadership of the united communities who could step in and fill Rick’s boots? Are any of the other survivors up to the task of building good relationships between the communities when the war is over?

The Best Leadership Candidates

Spencer thought that he knew what it took to lead a community in The Walking Dead world. That didn’t turn out so well for him. And it didn’t turn out well for his mother Deanna either. The old way of leading just doesn’t apply in the post-apocalypse world.

Leaders do need to be tough. And strong. They also need to make hard decisions and be willing to do things that are unpopular. So Gregory is out of the running because he is too selfish and weak to even lead The Hilltop let alone lead all the communities.

King Ezekiel has his hands full running The Kingdom. While his theatrical persona is well loved at The Kingdom he’s a little too out of touch to lead all the different communities. The Kingdom needs him to focus on keeping things going there.

Jadis is definitely tough enough to lead the communities. And she has enough followers that she could keep the other communities in line. But The Scavengers clearly prefer to be left alone. They might not have any interest in working with the other communities when this is over.

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Maggie is probably the best bet to take Rick’s leadership role on The Walking Dead. The Hilltop people love her because she is the leader that Gregory isn’t. Even after the baby comes she may prefer to stay at The Hilltop because Glenn is buried there. So most likely Maggie and The Hilltop will become the center of the collective of communities after the war is over.