The Walking Dead world is edging closer to a new society

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

On The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne talked a little bit about what will happen after they defeat Negan. But can the communities continue to work together? Will Deanna’s dream of a new society and government come true?

Before she died Deanna was convinced that society could be rebuilt even in the bleak world of The Walking Dead. She trained Maggie in various aspects of leadership and civic planning. At that time the people of Alexandria didn’t know any of the other communities existed. But Deanna was sure that someday some sort of society would begin again.

She was right, although she didn’t last long enough to see it. Now there are six known communities in that world: Alexandria, The Hilltop, The Sanctuary, The Kingdom, The Scavengers and Oceanside. And there are probably more that the survivors just haven’t encountered yet.

So assuming that the survivors are able to eventually take down Negan and The Saviors what will happen to the collective of communities after that? There are lot of details that will need to be worked out.

Rick promised a portion of whatever The Saviors have to Jadis in exchange for help. But the rest of The Saviors stuff will need to be distributed among the communities. The people at The Sanctuary who are not fighters will need to be placed in other communities. Or, a leader friendly to the survivors will have to be installed at The Sanctuary.

Rick doesn’t want to be the person who figures all that out. He doesn’t want to lead anymore. Assuming that Gregory will either not survive or be removed from power at The Hilltop Maggie will probably become the leader both of The Hilltop and the collective of communities. Her work with Deanna makes her the most capable to take on such a huge task.

A Community Council

In season 4 when the survivors from Woodbury joined Rick and the Atlanta group in the prison Rick stepped back from leading. There was a council that provided leadership for everyone. It makes sense that the communities will also form some type of council if Negan and The Saviors are defeated.

Even though each community wants to be independent  it would be smart for all the communities to for a council. Within the council they could agree on trade rules, talk about what happens if another major threat like Negan appears.

If they do manage to take down Negan and The Saviors at some point another threat will emerge. The only constant in The Walking Dead world is that there will always be some kind of threat to the life that the communities are trying to build.

With a community council in place the groups would be able to start training fighters and deciding on a plan to handle any threats that might attack the communal peace between groups. The communities could also use a council to decide what to do with any captured Saviors or prisoners from The Sanctuary.

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All Out War

First though the groups are going to have to unite and take Negan and The Saviors down. As the season finale of The Walking Dead gets closer so does the war that fans have been waiting for all season.

Rick and the survivors have found the numbers they needed thanks to The Scavengers. But that still might not be enough to deal with The Saviors once and for all. They need to have a good strategy and a lot more weapons If they are going to stand a chance against Negan.