On The Walking Dead this week Carol is back and The Kingdom rises up

Morgan Jones (Lennie James), Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Morgan Jones (Lennie James), Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

In the preview for the next episode of The Walking Dead “Bury Me Here” it looks like Carol is back in fighting mode and the peace between The Kingdom and The Saviors is over.

Fans have been waiting a long time to see Carol back in action but based on the preview of the next episode of The Walking Dead “Bury Me Here” it looks like warrior Carol is finally back. But why is she back? Did she find out about Glenn and Abe? In the preview she very neatly dispatches walkers herding up outside The Kingdom gate.

When Gerry and some of the others open the gate to deal with the walkers she walks in demanding to know where Morgan is. She has a gun and her knife and looks ready for battle. Is she going to demand the truth from Morgan? If Carol knows that Negan killed Glenn he better watch his back. Even Lucille won’t protect him from Carol’s wrath.

But it doesn’t look like things are going so well for The Kingdom. King Ezekiel wanted to stay neutral and avoid any kind of conflict with The Saviors. But in the preview for “Bury Me Here” it looks like Richard may have succeeded in breaking Ezekiel’s deal with The Saviors. Both groups are seen drawing weapons on each other at one of the supply drops.

If The Kingdom declares open defiance against The Saviors that might take Negan’s attention off Alexandria long enough for Rick and the others to get guns for The Scavengers from Oceanside. But if that happens Carol may need to fight to help King Ezekiel protect The Kingdom. And Morgan might have to finally put aside his selfish dogma about all life being precious and fight.

Did Richard’s Plan Work?

Richard seemed pretty intent on starting a war with The Saviors. Whether he intentionally provokes them at the supply drop or attacks them in another way he may be the reason why the deal falls apart. King Ezekiel is not going to be happy if Richard is responsible for kicking off conflict with The Saviors.

But Richard is one of The Kingdom’s best fighters so they can’t really get along without him. Even if he is the reason why they have to fight they can’t afford to lose him. Especially if Morgan still refuses to fight. If The Kingdom starts an open battle with The Saviors it will change Rick’s plans to attack Negan. The Alexandria survivors and the others will need to be ready to attack while Negan is occupied with The Kingdom.

Carol and Daryl

It’s totally possible that Carol never really believed Daryl’s lie. She’s not stupid. She must have figure out that there was a reason why Daryl showed up at The Kingdom. If she finds out Rick and the others were there she will know that Daryl lied and not everyone from Alexandria made it.

Daryl went back to The Hilltop to hide and help Maggie get the people at The hilltop ready to fight. There’s a lot of things going on at The Hilltop right now that Negan can’t know about. If his attention is focused on The Kingdom it may give Maggie time to get the people of The Hilltop trained to fight.

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Fans will find out on Sunday night if Carol is back for good and what event kickstarts The Kingdom’s fight with The Saviors. The Walking Dead “Bury Me Here” airs Sunday night on AMC.