The Walking Dead: Morgan metaphorically kills himself and is ready to clear

Richard (Karl Makinen) and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Richard (Karl Makinen) and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Morgan tried to hold onto Eastman’s philosophy in order to maintain his sanity in this new world, but The Walking Dead world needed a new Morgan.

When we first met Morgan he introduced us to this new and wonderful world of The Walking Dead. His inability to shoot his walker wife, Jenny, was heartbreaking. As we became accustomed to the new world, our hearts broke more often and also became a little hardened.

The next time we saw Morgan, we saw the effect of his solitude and the even more devastating consequences of his inability to kill his walker wife.

Although he recovered from this homicidal and suicidal spiral through a beautiful friendship with another man who found peach in his solitude, our hearts were not open enough to accept him back into our harsh world.

We knew that Morgan needed to find a balance to be able to live in this new world. He wasn’t living in solitude anymore, but Morgan didn’t know if that was possible. Then he found the Kingdom-a fantasy world within this crazy world. But even that wasn’t to be.

Enter Richard. Richard wanted Ezekiel to see that the Kingdom needed to fight. He wanted them to do something. But Morgan and Ezekiel wanted to keep the peace and maintain the illusion of a normal life in the middle of this crazy world the breakdown had created.

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When Richard told Morgan his story, Morgan was looking in the mirror. I’ve always looked at the Kingdom as a version of Don Quijote with their padded knights and their way of seeing things in a magical way.

I wondered who would be the Sancho Panza of the Kingdom. Who would break the illusion of the giants and point out to Don Quijote that they were not giants, but windmills. Sancho Panza turned out to be Richard.

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Richard’s story was exactly like Morgan’s. He lost his wife. He lost his child because he did nothing. He waited. Morgan lost his wife. He lost his child because he did nothing. He waited.

Richard told Morgan he would have to kill or he might as well just kill himself. Morgan did both. He killed Richard, which essentially killed the old Morgan. The Morgan that waited. The Morgan that did nothing.

Morgan also helped Richard do something. Richard wouldn’t have to wait anymore. His plan was a success now. Morgan carried out his plan. And Morgan buried him where he wanted to be buried.

Even though Benjamin was lost, Benjamin got to live a good life with Ezekiel in the Kingdom before he died. He got to know Morgan. Doing something doesn’t guarantee good results. Benjamin wanted to fight. Now they will fight, but Benjamin won’t have to see it.

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The stick that Eastman gave Morgan is still part of the new spear that he will use now. The Morgan that Eastman created is still part of the Morgan that Richard unleashed. We are all part Don Quijote and part Sancho Panza.