35 athletes who can help you survive a zombie apocalypse

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 1: LeBron James
BOSTON, MA - MARCH 1: LeBron James /
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SAN JOSE, CA – NOVEMBER 20: Alex Morgan
SAN JOSE, CA – NOVEMBER 20: Alex Morgan /

26. Alex Morgan

The American soccer player Alex Morgan is one of the finest athletes alive today. Because of her speed, running style, and young age, her teammates have given her the nickname “Baby Horse”.  Her talents have attracted all kinds of endorsement deals, making Morgan the highest paid women’s soccer player in the country.

Morgan is obviously very talented on the soccer field. She’s a FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, very instrumental for her team in achieving it. Morgan was also a finalist for the FIFA World Player of the Year, and was given the title of U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year. Morgan’s not just an incredible soccer player, she’s even an Olympic gold medalist. With a 2-1 win over Japan at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Morgan’s team would take the gold.

It goes without saying that someone as quick on their feet as Alex Morgan would be a vital companion in the zombie apocalypse. She could weave in and out of walker crowds, with speeds that none of those roamers could ever match. If necessary, I’m sure Morgan is also down to kick off a few walker heads. In any case, once the zombies start taking over, Morgan’s talents would serve well.