35 athletes who can help you survive a zombie apocalypse

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 1: LeBron James
BOSTON, MA - MARCH 1: LeBron James /
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VANCOUVER, BC – FEBRUARY 25: Brent Burns /

12. Brent Burns

Standing at 6 foot 5 inches, NHL star Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks is certainly an imposing figure. He’s a versatile player, having runs as both a forward and as a defenceman. He’s been killing it on the defense, coming very close to winning the James Norris Memorial Trophy. That’s the award given to the best defenceman in the NFL for a particular playing season.

Already having a mountain man type of appearance, Burns should fit right in to a zombie apocalypse survival group. Watching him on the ice also proves that the guy hits hard, and would have no problem doing so if the situation calls for it. Anyone who plays hockey also comes with the ability to withstand punishment as well.

It also helps that Burns is a self admitted animal enthusiast. His home has even been nicknamed the Burns Zoo because of all the animals he keeps. Among his many pets are dozens of reptiles, mostly snakes. If you’re going to be spending some time outdoors, it doesn’t hurt to have someone who’s an expert on animals. And, if you get hungry enough, maybe you can pull a Daryl Dixon and eat some of the snakes.