35 athletes who can help you survive a zombie apocalypse

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 1: LeBron James
BOSTON, MA - MARCH 1: LeBron James /
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BOSTON, MA – MARCH 1: LeBron James
BOSTON, MA – MARCH 1: LeBron James /

1. LeBron James

Ah, LeBron James, also known as King James. In a zombie apocalypse, he wouldn’t even have to change his nickname. There’s a king on The Walking Dead already, with King Ezekiel heading the Kingdom. Perhaps over in Cleveland at the Quicken Loans Arena, King James could have his own sanctuary. You’ve got to admit that a fortified basketball stadium would be a hell of an awesome shelter.

Physically, LeBron would be an awesome person to have on your side in the apocalypse. For years, he has been named as the best player in the NBA by both ESPN and Sports Illustrated. He’s huge, standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, and weighing 250 pounds. He’ll be able to hold his own in the case of trouble. And I’d rather be on his side than to try to go against him.

For someone to be considered the very best in a highly competitive sport, you know that person has to be incredibly skilled. LeBron James is fast, smart, intuitive, intimidating, has excellent leadership skills, is very recognizable, and seemingly always in control. These are all perfect qualities to have in a zombie apocalypse. Once the dead start walking the earth, LeBron James is going to be the first person I’m going to call.