The Walking Dead and Talking Dead are still the top rated cable shows

Jerry (Cooper Andrews), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Daniel (Daniel Newman) and Alvaro (Carlos Navarro) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Jerry (Cooper Andrews), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Daniel (Daniel Newman) and Alvaro (Carlos Navarro) in Episode 13Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

The numbers for The Walking Dead’s 7th season continue to prove that the show is still the ratings powerhouse it’s always been despite what critics say.

Once again the ratings for The Walking Dead put it at the top of the heap for Sunday night TV. The live views for the most recent episode, “Bury Me Here” came in slightly above the ratings for “Say Yes”. “Bury Me Here” won Sunday night with 10.6 million live views.

Talking Dead also stayed consistent in the ratings. It once again was the second highest rated show on Sunday night with 3.9 million live views. The Walking Dead and Talking Dead have been the top two shows on cable TV every week that they have aired throughout The Walking Dead season 7.

In the extended view ratings “Say Yes” picked up another 1.9 million ratings, which is a 40% gain from the live views that it got on March 5. That’s consistent with the increase that other episodes have shown throughout season 7. It is on the low side, but it’s still well within the range of the amount of views that other episode picked up in extended views.

With just three episodes left this season The Walking Dead has shown remarkably consistent ratings all season long. Each episode this season has picked up a steady increase of millions of views in extended viewing. So while critics are saying that the show is having the worst ratings season ever that’s just not true.

Extended Views Vs. Live Views

What is true is that live views are lower than they used to be. But, that’s true for TV shows across the board. Both network and cable shows have seen a dramatic decrease in live views. There are several reasons why live views are down. The biggest reason for the decrease in live views is that people are dropping cable subscriptions for streaming services.

Another reason why live views are down is that people are recording shows on a DVR or watching them online later in the week. The consistent increase in views throughout the week proves that people are still watching The Walking Dead. They’re just not doing it on Sunday nights as much as they used to.

But The Walking Dead is still the reigning champ of Sunday night cable TV. And when the extended views are counted it keeps the crown for the highest rated cable show overall. There is still not another show on cable TV that can even come close to matching the show’s ratings.

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Talking Dead

Talking Dead is consistently the second highest rated show on Sunday nights and on cable TV overall. But remember TWD fans that this week, March 19, Talking Dead will be airing an hour later than usual. The season premiere of Into The Badlands will follow The Walking Dead and Talking Dead will be on after that.