The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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As The Walking Dead heads toward the end of season 7 it’s time to look back at some of the most brutal walker kills the show has done. Did your favorite walker kill make the list?

Over the years The Walking Dead has killed off a lot of walkers. Some were gory. Others were emotionally brutal. And others were just amazing to watch because of the great physical effects and the effort that the cast put into making it all look real.

It was difficult to choose just 30 walker kills that were brutal when there are so many to choose from. Not all of the walker kills on the list are particularly violent. Some were brutal because of the emotional impact that they had on fans. And because they had a huge impact on the story.

As the seasons progress the walkers have continually gotten more decayed and more disgusting but there are some from earlier seasons that still stand out because of the visceral reaction they evoke. Some of them made the list because they are legendary in the lore of The Walking Dead.

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The list of the 30 most brutal walker kills spans all seven seasons of The Walking Dead. In the coming seasons there will more to add to this list but heading into the final few episodes of The Walking Dead season 7 these are 30 of the most brutal walker kills that have happened so far: