The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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21. Prison Guard Walkers

In season 3 of The Walking Dead the survivors find the prison after fleeing Hershel’s farm. In the first episode of the season “Seed” they had to go in and assess the prison and kill the walkers inside. Clearing out the prison was brutal and disgusting work.

But some of the most brutal kills while they were clearing the prison were the prison guard walkers. The guards were wearing body armor and helmets with shields. Some had gas masks on. Finding a way to get under the armor and get access to the walkers faces and heads in order to kill them was challenging for the survivors.

Maggie stepped up and learned quickly how to kill walkers. Now Maggie is an expert walker killer but back then she was just learning. She learned fast when she had to find a way through that armor in order to kill the prison guard walkers.

For the sheer grossness of the faces liquefied into the helmets and face shields as well as the difficulty of killing walkers wearing armor the prison guard walker kills earn a place on the list of the most brutal kills. Really all the walker kills done to clear the prison belong on the list. The survivors had to mow down dozens of walkers in order to clear out just one cell block.