The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead, AMC;Danai Gurira as Michonne
The Walking Dead, AMC;Danai Gurira as Michonne /

19. Wired Walker

Michonne can clear entire herds of walkers with her katana. But in season 3’s “This Sorrowful Life” she found herself in a tough situation when Merle was taking her to The Governor. Merle left her outside with her hands tied while he looked for a car. Walkers approached and Michonne seemed defenseless. Her hands were tied and Merle had taken her katana.

But Michonne wasn’t about to let her circumstances turn her into walker chow. Thinking fast she used the wire that her hands were bound with to garrote a walker that tried to attack her. She used her bodyweight to pull the wire taut once she had it around the walker’s neck. The taut wire decapitated the walker and saved her.

This kill showed that without a weapon like a gun or a sword it is actually pretty difficult to kill a walker. If you think about it having a human corpse weighing 100 pounds or more coming at you full throttle and not slowing down unless you manage to somehow damage the brain is a tough situation to be in.

It was a good reminder that even a seasoned fighter can easily get killed under the right conditions and that it’s best to always keep your guard up in The Walking Dead world. Also it helps to think fast on your feet and know how to use whatever weapon you have handy.