The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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16. Under The Wheel Walkers

In The Walking Dead season 4 the prison survivors are fighting off some kind of epidemic. Daryl, Bob, Tyreese and some of the others make a run to a veterinary college to try and find antibiotics. But early on in their run in the “Infected” episode Daryl drives into a herd of walkers.

He was startled by something and drove right into a group of walkers. As he struggled to get the car out of the mess the back wheels of the car got hung up on some of the walkers he had just run down. He gunned the engine which made the back tires spin. Those spinning tires shredded the walkers underneath. There was a pretty big pile of bodies under the tire and the spinning wheels sprayed ripped flesh and blood everywhere.

Unfortunately Daryl wasn’t able to get the car free and as the car become surrounded they had to leave the car and run to escape on foot. Eventually they did make it to the veterinary college and they did find some antibiotics but by the time they got back to the prison many people had already died. They did get the drugs back in time to save some of the prison population though, including Glenn and Sasha.