The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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14. Respirator Walker

This kill also comes from “Internment”. While Rick and Carl are dealing with the walkers outside Hershel is inside the isolation cell block with the sick people putting the dead people down before they turn and trying to make the rest of the people in the isolation ward comfortable.

Glenn is there, and Sasha. Lizzie tries to lure a horrifying walker wearing a respirator mask away from the other people in the cell block. She trips and the walker almost kills her. But Hershel rescues her by throwing the respirator walker aside and grabbing her.

Later on Glenn is about to die from the flu. He can’t breathe and is spitting up blood. Hershel remembers that the walker was wearing a respirator that he needs for Glenn. So he goes back and kills the respirator walker to get the respirator which ultimately saves Glenn.

It was brutal for Hershel to kill this walker because as an old man missing a leg struggling with a walker was not something that was easy for him to do. He was already exhausted but he managed to save Lizzie, save Glenn and kill a truly grotesque walker. Hershel willingly risked his life to save those he loved. Too bad he was turned into a walker himself later in the season.