The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead, AMC;David Morrissey as The Governor
The Walking Dead, AMC;David Morrissey as The Governor /

13. Pit Walker

“Live Bait” featured one of the nastiest walker kills in season 4. Ironically The Governor found himself having to fight his way out of a trap that he had used at Woodbury. While trying to get away from walkers when he goes on the road with Tara, Megan and Lilly, Lilly falls into a large pit that has been dug and has walkers in it. He jumps into the pit after her to save her.

He has no weapons and there are two walkers is the pit that he has to deal with in order to save Megan. So he kills one and then uses one of its bones to kill the other. But trying to kill a walker with your bare hands, or even a primitive weapon like a bone, gets pretty gross. This kill makes the list because it’s gory but also a pretty amazing feat.

Digging the pits so that the walkers who approached the camp would fall in and get stuck is a smart idea. The fewer walkers that are able to approach the camp the better. Martinez, who was The Governor’s right hand man, obviously learned from his former boss. Unfortunately for Martinez The Governor couldn’t take a chance on him telling the others who he was or what he had done. Martinez ended up getting killed by The Governor to protect his secrets.