The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead, AMC;Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene
The Walking Dead, AMC;Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene /

12. Hershel’s Head

“After” was pretty devastating episode. Picking up right where “Too Far Gone” left off the group was splintered for the first time and reeling from their losses. The biggest loss was Hershel. When The Governor was scouting out the prison to see what Rick was doing he came across Michonne and Hershel who were out burning bodies of the sick who had died. He kidnapped them.

When he attacked the prison he used Michonne and Hershel as leverage to get Rick to give in and leave the prison. But his leverage didn’t work. Rick tried to make a deal but The Governor wasn’t interested in sharing the prison. The Governor beheaded Hershel while Rick, Maggie, Beth, Glenn and the others watched.

Then the battle broke out. Hershel’s body lay where it fell after the fight began. But Hershel’s head turned. Michonne came upon it as she was leaving the area of the prison. Hershel’s lifeless reanimated walker head staring at her from the ground. It was one of the most brutal times when someone they loved turned and needed to be put down. Michonne put Hershel’s head down and then wandered off dazed.

She had made herself two new pets to keep her safe as she wandered among the walkers but that image of Hershel’s head combined with the trauma of the battle leaves her disoriented and not sure what to do next. Losing Hershel was a turning point for the group. They were never really the same after that.