The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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10. Food Pantry Walkers

In season 5’s “Strangers” episode the group comes across Father Gabriel. They are pretty confident at that point that they can handle anything. They had just escaped from Terminus and reunited with Carol and Tyreese and Judith. Father Gabriel takes them to the food pantry where he knows there are supplies. He wasn’t able to get the supplies before because he can’t fight on his own. So Rick and the group go in to clear the food pantry and get supplies.

Part of the pantry is totally flooded and there are walkers in the water. Bob gets pulled under by walkers. He comes back to the surface but doesn’t let anyone know that he’s been bitten underwater by the walkers. He kills the walker that bit him but of course at that point the damage was already done.

Battling the water-logged walkers in the dirty fetid water and trying to stay on their feet is tough for the survivors. They’re lucky that Bob was the only one who was bitten. Trying to kill walkers is already difficult under the best circumstances. For killing walkers and staying upright in a few feet of disgusting water killing the food pantry walkers earns a spot on the most brutal walker kills list.